Sharing Google Sitelinks actual combat experience skills

Google in the search for certain keywords, in the first row of the site can be shown with more detailed format, in addition to the general title, page description and web site, also the way to link lists usually a few 4 the site page title and other links, it has very important significance for network station that helps users’ attention, maximize the click rate." Specifically Google Sitelinks, it is the embodiment of our website of high quality, it can show us the site has high weight in the Google search, it reflects our website is supreme in the Google rankings, it reflects the present status of our website brand in the same industry, network marketing, network marketing and SEO the strength of. Here are some of my practical experience gained in doing "Yunnan color printing".

Google Sitelinks is how, first of all in the Google search "Tuo Dian color printing" keywords, it will appear in the website below such a directory, as shown in Figure:


because of the limited pen and ink, I would like to share my little experience:

first choice, the most important thing is website brand, Yunnan Yunnan color printing in the printing industry in Kunming is a well-known e-commerce network printing leader, in the printing field has a certain reputation. I understand your brand must be unique, the title of the site is very important, all pages of the title of the site must have the name of your site, try to make your site name in the internal deployment of "reasonable concentration. When our website brand is identified, then the name of search website or website brand, then my Google Sitelinks successfully into chapter. This is summed up in one sentence: the name of the site in the title of the degree of embodiment and the site of the web is particularly important relationship between each other.

is the second website weight, the PR value high site is more prone to Google Sitelinks, the extension is to improve the weight of this color Yunnan, we do SEO must follow the rules, to search engine included content is king, good soft Wen promotion, do SEO optimization, Links, network community, do the quality of chain. There are a large number of sites outside the chain link mentioned its brand name and website brand keywords appear many times in the soft, so naturally there will be some direct users to search the site name, this is very clear search demand prompted Google to search for users to quickly understand the main features of the target site, will produce Google Sitelinks. Using nofollow and timely processing of dead links, these are the key factors influencing the site of ZhengZhan weight.

third is a website that must have a good station structure

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