Talk about how to make your website unique

a few months ago to write an article, how to share the construction of specific sites, and we like, but due to the time, the website still perfect, please master to mention a few built on vacation recently at home, finally can calm down to discuss with you about this problem. OK, get to the point:

one, characteristic column.

want to create a feature column, we must first find out the needs of users, features are often built on the basis of user demand. For example, push a website, his program download, website diagnosis and push a training camp are characteristic columns. These features are to meet the needs of users, but also eager to address the needs of users. For example, the program download, to meet the needs of practitioners to develop promotional programs, this promotion for Internet Co staff is the most needed. Site diagnosis to meet the needs of some small and medium-sized enterprise site operators, because this part of the population does not have professional website planning, operation experience, so often find the problem of the crux of the site. The training camp is a push to meet all their needs to promote the novice, especially foreign friends, because at present in this respect there is no professional school or training institutions, many people could not find an effective way to learn.

two, features.

when it comes to content, many friends will think that only original, only features, in fact, not necessarily so. For example, I have done a tutor kind of Web site, the whole station without a content is original, all copy others. But at that time I almost all similar sites all together, to fine to coarse, and in accordance with the needs of users with the breakdown of the column, and keep updated every day, a few months later, ranking and flow in the first similar sites, and other similar sites began to put the station as a content source, even Sohu parents are often come to the station channel reproduced content.

in addition, this content does not necessarily have to be an article. For example, pictures, software, reviews are content. Like NetEase news, he doesn’t do it himself, but his comments are very distinctive. Many people watch NetEase news, just for comment, sina. Another example kuxun train ticket search, all the contents of his tone is the content of other sites, but users to him, don’t go to other sites to find repeatedly, also by the users, and achieved great success.


content of construction is a huge project, this paper Co., will not dwell on, give you 16 words: "I have no people, I have the whole, people around me fine, I am fine."

three, hero.

as long as an influential hero or celebrity, it is possible to bring fire to a website. For example, Sina blog, because holds out a "Laoxu blog", the Sina blog has become the "catch up from behind.

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