ndividual stationmaster sells a few attention of the station

is deeply interested in the game between buyer and seller because of two websites transactions. Personal webmaster to do a stand is not easy, hoping to give them some reference, of course, is only personal view. Sell station and buy the station is always a game process, Adsense net just released a buy stand article, this article as a corresponding article for your reference.

1. before you sell the station, think about why you sell the station. Do you want to sell it?. For example, some people work too hard, or lose interest and so on. Avoid is suddenly dizzy, see someone selling station is booming I also want to try, or because the site for a few months without any income, others see thousands of IP station can sell a few thousand dollars, they want to earn money. Website has a bottleneck of traffic, once break through that bottleneck, income will improve, don’t be impatient. Otherwise, it will cause the website to sell for several months. The website has been sold for several months, and eventually nothing is accomplished.

2. then do a simple investigation, the same type of website to sell how much money, give your website a value, important parameter is the domain name, site number, flow, program, registered members, and included PR value and so on, these stationmaster net parameters is very comprehensive. Finally, give yourself an estimate of the price. King Wang once wrote an article on valuation, which is very good. Avoid too low or too high a price. Some webmaster because released for a long time no one consulting, so has been price cuts, far below the value itself. Others are too confident of their website, a high price, so that we look up to;

3. station to sell sell similar products, a sales person should have some experience, some webmaster technical background in the transaction process may be such a problem, too honest, is a price determined not to drop. When most prices are set, two prices are suggested. One is the psychological price, the other is the target price and the target price is greater than the psychological price. In this talk when both sides have a long easy to facilitate transactions. Sometimes buyers are interested in the inquiry, and the result is a very stiff attitude of the master answer, suddenly lost interest. Maybe they’ll go to other similar websites.

4. webmaster to their website must have confidence, psychological price is fixed, don’t easily modify, unless need money. Found in contact with some buyers have occupation receiving station transactions, as always, they are more professional, find the website various weaknesses to lower prices, such as your program is a free program template is very general, PV is too low, and the price of the low pressure, completely beyond the value of the site itself. I guess they made a profit by reselling them like this. So webmaster to their website to have a clear understanding. Take a look at the king Wang’s article. Many people say that the price of Wang is very high. In fact, they are buyers. The author believes that the price of King Wang is basically reasonable, and even higher,

5. mentality, most of the owners to sell the station when >

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