Discussion on targeted promotion of website

what do you do for the website? In order to make a little money, now you can’t do a few websites with your interest. Besides, some of them are willing to share information with others. Do make money depends on what? Traffic, no traffic, no customers, no visitors to your site is a dead station, a packet in Ningbo in the butterfly, not known to rely on their own! Let the website break out of Ningbo, this is what we do to stop!! all sites have pushed wide live various methods of website, do website optimization this is sure to do, this is the user first take the initiative to find your absolute, no search engine will not stand flow is too large, this is the user take the initiative to find your way.

of course, we should also take the initiative to find the user, for example you are doing an industry website, we have to find the right direction for the promotion, to address the flow of waste hair have what use, people at a glance off? Unless you pop a cow. The following is the initiative to find users commonly used several ways of promotion.

1, QQ group, want group and so on promotion

If you do not build

class industry website, we have built several times QQ, and related groups, such as decoration group, slave group, etc., to pay attention to the additive group to group message set to reject or open the QQ up so much, a group message, I am afraid to hang up the computer well, except for computer. Into the group, we do not come up on a fierce advertising, administrators will t Oh, a lot of speech, with the administrator mixed up, good work ha! In addition, group mail can not waste, and make good use of

2, know promotion

looking for some related questions to answer, the answer can be copied from their own web site, data sources to write their own web site. Note: now know with the connection is difficult to pass, try not to send too much, otherwise it may have its own web site harm. We can put your site name set is my fault points, station 51 convenience net Baidu search in the first, know the inside wrote "× × × (I want to be what to write) Baidu search" 51 convenience net "to guide Internet search. Increase the popularity of the site Oh, users go to your website, can stay, just look at your website content.

3, mass mailing

download a custom keyword search mail class table software, group search user mail, send some things they are interested in, it is best to use HTM web files, you can directly point to our website!


4, other related websites, forums, information,

looking for some websites related to our website industry. The forum releases some things that can interest them. They can leave the website address on the stream. They can not leave it for users to search. See article 2.

5, pay for promotion,

webmaster have no money, this is a little white said, buy advertising, PPC, new friendship connection group 75690737 >!

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