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, while exploring your SEO strategy, don’t neglect your own log files and website stats. If you haven’t installed the statistics yet, Google analysis might be your best partner.

has been in a strange, a site every day have come from hao123 flow, and a fixed day there are 1, 2, but direct access to the site’s background or past the front page of hao123, if it is included, how can I check out, don’t have the patience of Kung Fu, continue to observe the backstage data statistics, found that those who did not feel what is more, the user experience and market investigation, traffic statistics tool is not less than the reflection of the market. In our website hot agricultural investment video online, you can see some home page advertising products and company investment changes, we are not in a random change, as long as the changes must have his reasons. These are also recently been watching the traffic statistics found, why some pages users stay longer, some time is short, the number of the same time click enterprise or product page view comments a lot, so, this product must be user attention well; those who remain at the same page directly off the instructions the market reflects some problems, such as dependence, since the market response is good, users love the product or company, why don’t we just mention the home page, so that people first came to see exactly what they are interested in, you say that others can not remember the site, such a detailed problem I think virtually the experience has been deeply to, that is the user experience, which is good attention to detail, see whether you are really hard to do The. Well, for other traffic analysis below, and then explain the specific.

ignores access requests and response files. Hit is all the elements invoked by your browser when requesting a page. File is the data that is actually returned from the server in all hit. We know a single page can have a lot of things, less than a HVita, more than one hundred, regardless of what kind of comparison is used, both are not very use of data.

‘s only visitor is based on access to each new IP address of your website. The number of visitors per visit is less than the actual number, and visitors from the same IP address are counted as visitors only. Repeat visitors are part of a single visitor, which means that people who agree to access multiple times from the IP address (and for the same reasons above are usually higher than actually). The number of visitors to your wok is rising, it is likely that your SEO strategy is.

The number of pages visited by

and the number of pages visited by users. By dividing it by the total number of visitors, you can get an average number of pages per visitor. Page views reflect whether visitors can find what they need on your website and browse them, and just leave with a page.

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