The quality that DC should possess can only be determined by understanding

cloud menacing, but on the domestic impact is not too big, after all, the domestic Internet development compared with the developed countries still have a certain distance, many people in the industry of private cloud, public cloud security and privacy are skeptical. So for now, the domestic enterprise server placement problem is still attributed to the IDC service provider. As for the current domestic Internet development, server hosting is still the first choice for an enterprise or a successful individual webmaster. So, in the face of so many good and bad domestic IDC service providers, how to pick the right server hosting business, which makes many enterprises network administrator or personal Adsense is a headache. In fact, the selection of IDC service providers is nothing more than qualifications, prices, computer rooms, services and so on.

can survive in the IDC industry for 7-8 years or even longer IDC business qualification is no problem. Experienced the ups and downs, the accumulation of a large number of experience of IDC is the quality assurance, veteran IDC business, can withstand the grinding of time, in IDC this line of Vietnam go farther and farther……

price this problem, to tell you the truth, I am also very tangled with this problem. Many people flinch when they hear that the price is much higher than that in other places. They think it is overcharged. But I wonder if there is any price difference. South Telecom North Netcom, the southern computer room is a lot of telecommunications, many IDC service providers to choose the agent of the computer room. Why should agents, because the telecommunications room, whether it is quality or stability, are not self built computer room can be compared. Agent telecommunications equipment, telecommunications prices for IDC will not be unified nationwide. The domestic various provinces branch telecommunications prices, from the perspective of the cost of hosting this determines the server hosting the price difference, price difference of each area is not small, Shanghai than Suzhou, Wuxi and other places a lot of expensive. Price difference is also related to the local Internet management system, depending on the market share of access providers. So that is not the cheaper the better, the price level difference is always a reason, puerile, we all know this, but sometimes not not small profit, but loss not lose money, the cost is not the same result eventually managed price is not the same, no one will do kuibenmaimai.

according to relevant reports, at present, China Telecom attaches great importance to the construction and operation of IDC, the entire network IDC computer room has been close to 350. Among them, the IDC computer room for external services has close to 300, for the China Telecom’s internal business support, there are more than 50. The number of racks exceeds 30 thousand, and the engine room area is more than 200 thousand square meters. So many computer rooms, each is not the same, the bandwidth environment, air conditioning facilities, earthquake rating will be more or less the same place.

A lot of room

Shanghai export bandwidth is about 20G high, can reach 40G export bandwidth, because Shanghai’s IDC room more, Internet bandwidth resources in Shanghai are major room carved up, facing the situation grim. And Shanghai, the neighboring city of Suzhou, has been known to me

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