How to arrange word segmentation technology and long tail key words

Internet development is very fast, and now more and more websites, ranking, traffic, user experience are very important. Make a good website to analyze from multiple perspectives, and search engine segmentation and long tail keywords is a small website optimization aspect is very important, 177 vehicles through their learning to summarize the participle and the long tail, we hope that the twins and exchange.

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understanding of the search engine and the long tail: for word: is the user through the search engine search words, words, sentences and phrases through are not adjacent, then through the search engine can accurately find the relevant user search in the relevant page keywords in combination. Long tail keywords: that is, in the title and key words can not do pile up some of the sub keywords and not hot,

, let’s talk about how to do word segmentation and long tail keywords in search engines.

first: different websites, first of all, we have to analyze their own web site, how to distribute the home page, good word segmentation and long tail placed where and density, the inner pages can also be analyzed.

second: analysis of competitors and potential sites of the word segmentation and long tail, and then make their own reasonable arrangements.

third: segmentation techniques, we generally have to use the title to reflect. Then, the density of word segmentation is further enriched by description. Word segmentation technology is also a certain density, if not lead words and words show the more pages, high density, can let the website increase weight and enhance the site in search engine rankings. Long tail keywords can only be described in general, and then in the description it is better to appear more than 2 times. This will increase the rankings.

fourth: the beginning of the site is best to refer to word segmentation technology, because the first part of the search engine is very important, the text of a page front, the word segmentation technology, the effect is the best. The best website at the beginning of the long tail keywords in about two first, second segments, the best proper stacking one to two effect is good.

fifth: around the middle part of the two site to the proper stacking between repeat word, that is to increase the general segmentation density is good. Because you use the word segmentation technology, search engines generally don’t think you’re faking. Long tail keywords: website to middle layer, it is best to form a ladder that will be good, but do not appear excessive levels, so as not to let the search engine think bad, but generally not card instead of ranking will not affect the weight is better, a website.

sixth: the website end is appropriate to put some words, for the best correlation with their own website subject as Links, which can increase the density of the word, but not too much because the tail of the weight of the website search engine is not very seriously. Long tail keywords appropriate to the general layout on the left than the right two – thirds, and Links can also do this with their own technology to fear for Links peer website.

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