ncrease your website user loyalty 3 constant ancient laws

enhances your website user loyalty 3 constant ancient laws


(station public relations) no matter what kind of website, offering advice on the site in the area, and quickly respond to members’ comments, suggestions. For example, in the Forum on the website asked for suggestions for improvement, and small gifts or integral to put forward effective suggestions members.

2, (station of the people’s interests) to member interests and site benefits tied together,

allows users to add ad code to their blogs, on the one hand, to increase user revenue and, in addition, to better stick to users. This will greatly increase the enthusiasm of users. Many forum sites have integral system, but is not really practical, can let members of vanity, his more than the others, and when the score reaches a certain number can draw, exchange gifts, attracted many loyal members.

3, (station interaction) build membership club.

held a number of offline membership activities, such as party, KTV, tourism etc.. The AA, conditionspermitting can give the website active membership fee waiver. This is the website for members to take this activity opportunity, let them have what deficiencies about the website! If it is really necessary to implement as soon as possible, and then to improve the results notification advice to member


show his station: wanted Shangrao site of the friendship connection

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