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then, you need to make a decision: do you want to keep him in your professional circle? Your connections reflect your brand. If you introduce him to your friend, can you trust him,

: in my professional networking circles, there are several people who are eager to introduce potential customers to my start-up. I think they are so considerate. However, when one of these potential customers and I signed and become my clients, who do good references but kickbacks. Do I have to pay him,

in college, students have to read 5 or 10 books again and again, whether professional or ideological. Read to the end, put the book into your own thoughts, and can speak their own language, this reading is tasty." Yu Minhong said he had been in hospital for a year when he was studying at Beijing university. This year, he read 200 books, wrote more than 200 poems, and recited thousands of English words. "This directly laid the foundation for me to become a first-class English vocabulary teacher in China."."

Yu Minhong summed up the elements of entrepreneurship as four aspects: first, EQ, second is breakthrough thinking, third is business judgment, and fourth is long-term ability.


answer: in an emergency, there is no "step-by-step" business model". If the product with your eyes the crisis might focus to bound together in a common cause, how to use the service and people you have appropriate methods on the link, do not let you look like an opportunist. For unimportant tools or services, develop a crisis management plan outlining the way your sales team operates at the time of the disaster. Either way, please remember, even if you are a part of the sales coverage area not affected by floods or tornadoes, but you may also be regional customers because of concerns surrounding friends and family while distracted. Be sensitive to this point.

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asked: "the city I live in has recently suffered major floods and everything is in a state of emergency.". Sales is a big business of our company. What is the best way for me to run my business in a critical moment,

don’t pay for it, but explain your reasons for rejection. Thank you for your usual practice you recommend customers on the line, write a note, dinner for dinner or the promised day to benefit, these can be used to meet your friends. Give him a chance to hear why he wants a kickback. Does he often tell people that he expects a cash return? Did other business owners give him money for his help?

force, third is to let the public ability, the combination of the three, called team capacity. Because only these three abilities can condense the team members for a long time."

I dark horse: in the rapid onset of entrepreneurship on the occasion, Yu Minhong, chairman of New Oriental Group, but to Peking University students poured a pot of cold water. Recently, Yu Minhong in the "China entrepreneurs summit 2014" said: "don’t think entrepreneurship is easy for those of us who succeed in business, always talk about success and benefits of this wonderful, like a love of successful people tell you, love is not difficult, you try. Is every woman playing a slap in the face. Successful people are always good at telling stories about their success, so they want to throw cold water on the entrepreneurs. If you want to succeed in business, you must lay a good foundation first.

"many students asked me how to start a business successfully. How to start the market quickly, but few students asked me how I studied in Beijing University and how I participated in student activities. This shows that the student’s attention is no longer on the matter of reading." In Yu Minhong’s view, want to create a big future, not necessarily in the age of students to start an undertaking. Reading and making friends are the most important things in college. Reading has gained the knowledge base of starting a business, while making friends can learn to get along with people, learn to forgive, learn to be magnanimous, and learn to appreciate.

during the crisis, the most important thing is to help others tide over the storm. Check the number of employees, suppliers and customers, make sure everyone is safe, or see how you can help them. Consider borrowing your company’s resources – trucks, warehouses, spaces, technology, and even a sales force – to help the Red Cross or other organizations. The emergency situation can bring about the best business and help you build a good reputation for neighborhood trust.

EQ is mainly embodied in three aspects: first, the ability to be fully believed, and second is to pay attention to other people’s feelings,

in his opinion, the second important thing to do in college is to make friends. The core of university friends is to learn to get along with people. There are 6 people living in the university dormitory in China, which is extremely beneficial to students. If a person has been able to get along well with his classmates in the dorm for four years, he has cultivated the ability to get along with others for the rest of his life, and he has also cultivated the ability to do business. Because to do business is to get along with others." These roommates are also likely to be partners in the future.

: your buddy should tell him what he’s looking forward to. He can introduce you to the customer. Obviously he’s a good guy, but he decides it’s unethical to ask for a rebate after a successful event. Paying kickbacks is a lot of trouble for you, and you don’t want them to happen. If your new customers discovered this trust will weaken, your relationship will be tarnished, and give him a feeling that you need Maituo start-ups.

second is breakthrough thinking. Be willing to try in the case of risk control. "Willing to give up", have to give up. The third is to do things, ask yourself, there is better to do

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