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world cup is provided with a cross-border e-commerce, online retail, mobile e-commerce and e-commerce in rural areas of four groups, students from all over the country’s nearly 600 people. After two days of competition, yesterday afternoon each group separately decide the winners, bonuses on-site payment. And more importantly, some of the projects have been strategic partners fancy, is in contact with the understanding, hoping to market.

focused on the two projects, inseparable from the development of the layout of Haofang group now, "we all tend to be more products, but a mode of innovation of the product is king, because the model can imitate, difficult to value". Zhang Li said, the scene also bring intelligent products, including a Eddie T Invention Gold ouchjet products, Microsoft M bbooy made bean robots, more than 10 types of products for the venture capital investment group under the gallant gallant enterprise products. Zhang Li pointed out that the electricity supplier entrepreneurship is not so simple, you need to select products, choose the platform.

customer station is a local station, Chongqing beauty service this is him to spend several thousand dollars please do the station, now after I said, the home center, just started to see, I open the site after reading, found particularly slow, ask the customer service for foreign he said but no matter how, abroad should not be so slow ah, then I checked the source file, darling! Don’t know, look scared a sweat, the front is divided into 8 sections, each section of the 12 links, but because the background color of the site is black, so not shown, too scary, I said why you stand to help others put hundreds of links to this station is too bad, he said he did not understand, don’t know what they do to him. I thought, even if someone do not spend station should not give the customer put so many links on it, hundreds of ah, but the customer is really do spend thousands of ocean station ah, I say you login FTP remote me, I help you to delete it, or FTP I help you delete those, too kind. Who knows, one asked the three do not know, he had no FTP account and password, no space management authority, and then ask the domain name is not you, he does not know, but also help people to make him, and finally know the station spent thousands of ocean station, not from A to Z one belonged to him, I said, that you find his FTP account to you can not contact him, give him the station, people cannot directly say to him. I think back to their family station are domain name space are the names of customers and by their own management, but also the people of the small part of the fee so much, I added the strongman chat, and he said to me, now it is the way for people who do not understand, they don’t want to trouble so, direct to the people to complete it is done, then send him backstage user password on the line. It can be expensive and effortless. This guy is too strong, but I asked about business, said he has not been back, but the business can, because do not know too much.

"solving a pain point is making a product",

"society is a product of excess now. You have to impress others to buy you."

‘s team performance, finally Zhang Li suggested: first, entrepreneurial team in project selection, to do precision analysis of the customer; second is to understand the differences in the program, not a bit better than others, a little more than you can, but the overall plan does not have the same opinion; the third is to focus on the business, because the team with limited resources, human financial and Material Co., don’t take things too much, or more practical to find business opportunities; the fourth is to focus on doing the product, in fact sometimes solve a pain point is to make a product.

in so many years, I often meet some friends of the site list, also pick up some optimization of the list, usually pick up the bill, will the customers to establish a good relationship, and talk about some related websites, recently received a list of customers is introduced to the old the customer came, and he talked, I was really shocked, here and share with you, please look after don’t bad on the line.

I’m not as smart as my friend. I still feel transparent to customers in order to be more long-term. To be responsible for the customer, he is now not understand the domain name is not his, but he understood, then, the trouble is not coming, and only to the customer seriously responsible, will receive the praise of customers and long-term cooperation.

don’t think business is the low threshold of entrepreneurial class, practitioners tell you that in the industry norms, competitors into the case, it is not so easy to do, and an explosion of products is one of the key. Yesterday, the 2016 session of the fourth national universities business challenge "Haofang Cup" business innovation and entrepreneurship competition information hereinafter referred to as "Haofang Cup" ended. Haofang Group CEO Zhang Li said that the scene saw the 2-3 projects, "the idea is very good, but to put the market perspective to examine".

of the contest, additional 500 thousand Yuan Hao incubator fund. Zhang Li said that the scene has 2-3 projects to attract vision, will do further analysis and understanding, and hope that the team will become "partners."". She also named the two project group, hope to be able to communicate at the end of the game, "a blind man touched the project, a picture is H 5, in my opinion, they can enter the finals, but in the end No. The reason may be that they are biased in favor of technology, and that the display process and material preparation may be lacking".

"many students don’t think about profit,"

Do Wangzhuan

well, I’m here today. I’ll talk to you about the development next time. Finally, welcome to www.haomenhs Chongqing >

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