North and South nternet entrepreneurs difference Northern heavy potential, the South heavy mattersA

    " are in each ad shops; you can see the other advertising links to " this place can let people know they will buy advertising advertising can be displayed in which page. But I saw this:

I made a cry at the forum of Ali’s mother! I hope the official can solve it! ~

Abstract: Northern entrepreneurs learn how to rally, in the integration of resources, longer than the manufacturing concept, the entrepreneurial process pay attention to fight, put up a pageantry. The most obvious example is, with Youku, Gu Yongqiang, YY, Li Xueling, unfamiliar street, Tang rock and other listed companies represented by NetEase and Sohu Department entrepreneurs.


also wakes everyone up and goes to see if your ad shows the address that shouldn’t be displayed!

entrepreneurial atmosphere: good northern society, the southern part of the small circle

according to relevant information, in 2014 a total of 1878 domestic Internet financing pen, the total amount of more than 100 billion yuan, a substantial increase in 2013 compared to the same period. In the mobile Internet spawned, the upgrading of many industries, transformation, the birth of an unprecedented number of entrepreneurial opportunities. At the same time, the official put forward "create guest concept", "public entrepreneurship" and other concepts, entrepreneurship was mentioned at the height of the country.

no doubt, a predictable, more intense entrepreneurial climax is about to sweep across the north and south. Whether in the south of Guangzhou, Shenzhen or the north of Beijing, more people will be involved in the tide of entrepreneurship. According to IT orange statistics report: the total number of start-up companies in Beijing is almost equal to the sum of Guangdong and Shanghai, the amount of investment is also the sum of the two places. But the data show that southern start-ups are catching up and Beijing’s share is falling.

incomplete statistics as of 2014, the country has more than 30 cities, more than 100 start-up services coffee shop teahouse opened, services include entrepreneurs gatherings, project negotiations. Among them, the Beijing venture coffee shop, the largest, including garage coffee, 3W coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee, Binggo coffee, Founder, s, Coffee and so on. Shanghai coffee, IC coffee, ATA micro coffee etc.. Shenzhen’s Berta Fukuda shop has closed down, 3W, starting point, innovation Valley, and so on. Compared to Beijing, the southern entrepreneurial coffee atmosphere is poor, even called bleak, less in quantity, and even on the verge of bankruptcy.

  because of my test sites in the local IIS had visited in the background home page advertising is on the front page, so in my signs: " other can see the advertising links at " I can see the background of the management of

is also an entrepreneurial, an interesting but can not ignore the phenomenon is: due to cultural, geographical, economic and other factors, there are huge differences and differences between the South and the North Internet practitioners. We analyze these differences from the aspects of entrepreneurial atmosphere, public opinion and business models.

Cafe development gap is so great, and the north and South entrepreneurial atmosphere has a lot to do with. Northern entrepreneurs like to get together, the southern entrepreneurs are more emphasis on small circles. WeChat weekend open circle of friends, mostly in Beijing entrepreneurs to participate in various meetings: Entrepreneurial Coffee Salon, forums, thousands of people lie, all tall, not stop completely; Shenzhen entrepreneurs topic more overtime, climbing, family, friends and so on life breath in enriching the content.

I’m speaking at the forum,


 : after I released the advertising station of this station, I went to the billboard alimama/membersvc/buyadzone/buy_ad_zone.htm last night, adzoneid=14410>


    we all know that a website is most afraid of being hacked back, the mother is now naked to take me to the background is revealed! Although it is local, but everyone knows this is my website! We browse the web page in the local is inevitable!

, it’s not easy to do website, I hope the official can deal with this BUG!

 : Recently, Ali’s father, Ali’s mother, came online. In the Q group, everyone is talking about Ali, mom will ask: "do you buy advertising?" I sell advertising!

    Nobel a link to my website address big naked to show up, to prevent the invasion of my background and has been destroyed, I will immediately shut down, all the data from the backup, recovery, again will change the name of the website backstage folder.

Windstore is an entrepreneur who has worked in Shenzhen and Beijing

      click on the registered Ali mom; sell your website ad > > alimama

    there are people in the said his mom in May to the N pen advertising, new online I am unable to bear, then half the night in the mother that has released two gold advertising their location. Heart that has received considerable advertising. But after I saw my ad last night, I was shocked by an amazing discovery….


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