As long as the product can still do the guestA mother Ali union Adsense 22 days of hard life

July 3rd, I was in the "XX game" station, several Ali mother’s advertising position, and then set off a few "XXXX" station Ali mother advertising, a total of 6 advertising positions,

I’m surprised, too. I just like to be a Taobao. Why? Because I’m a Taobao customer, I just need to do my SEO and other sales knowledge. I don’t need to know more about it. Man, there must be a direction of specialization. I always think so.

Ali mom report data sum: 10017 visits, 2186 people visit

can Taobao make money? If you haven’t done it, I can tell you, yes. But can you guarantee that your station is always in the first place?. As long as you have been in the first place, I guarantee your monthly income is stable. Maybe you say, forever first, can’t do it. I want to tell you, I have a station, a number of keywords are in the top three. This station gives me more than 500 a month.

yes, I’m still working as a Taobao customer, I replied.

happy! Because of the "XX game" station’s main keyword "XXX" in sh419’s ranking mention

, I’m the webmaster of XX little game station. Because my website "XX game" was detected by your station system, I found that the click data is out of order. Ads are banned from clicking. Send this e-mail to provide the corresponding proof information to your station, to prove that my site click on the data did not appear abnormal, I hope to help lift the ban on click advertising.


is my personal webmaster, painstakingly built up two websites, "XXXX" and "XX game". After I had to at the end of June this year, the website traffic has a new breakthrough. In order to maintain the various expenses of the website, I intend to advertise on the website. Have tried sh419 alliance and shlf1314, AdSense and other advertising alliance products. Finally chose Ali mother,


in July 4th under the framework of a "XXXX" advertising "because XX station ZhengZhan top advertising" does not bring me many benefits. Rather than influencing the user experience, it’s better not to!


day revenue of 1.39 yuan site advertising, debugging, today 20:00, got 51 pull statistical visits, 270 IP browser, 1730 PV, not all day traffic statistics

why do I love Taobao so much? I ask myself, too. The reason is that I always find a lot of Taobao customers who haven’t done it yet. It makes me keep doing it. For example, I found a good God to drag perhaps you did not hear, I told you that it is a mop no one did, I hastened to stand, less than 20 days, sh419 included and ranked, I earned more than 100 yuan in the first month. Oh, not much, but I’m glad. Happily, his own judgment was correct. Of course, in the eyes of those who make money, I am the object of scorn. It doesn’t matter. It’s good to be happy, isn’t it?.

I can give Taobao a few hundred dollars a month now, and there are more than one thousand dollars in good time. Not too much. But in my small city, I’ve had enough to eat and drink. Ha-ha。 It’s an extra income for me.

today is National Day third days of holiday, although said that many people are enjoying the holidays bring atmosphere, but he did not do what, but also a long time did not write the article, the A5 came to write an article, today in the group, I made my 8 single harvest today, this just want to play you, because only 2 dollars of income.

can suddenly have a friend who knows me, ask, "are you still doing Taobao customers?" I heard this, a bit not very pleasant to hear, I muttered.

July 2nd, I used my "XXXX" station and "XX game" station several pages to interview the advertisement delivery effect, altogether is 5 advertisement position:

Ali mom report data sum: 40725 visits, 8585 people visit

second, then we’ll go and find the product right away.


this is a letter I wrote to Ali mother letter


I also often see a lot of new entrants you ask, Taobao customers how to do ah. There are few articles in this forum. Because the man who earns the money doesn’t tell you what he’s doing. Today I even break down regulation, do Taobao off Shidishimei to tell the next. Of course, if you are a master, please do not read, and do not spray me, I am surprised that the current network environment is very popular.

‘s revenue was $21.3 a day site ads were ready, with 51 day traffic statistics, 2787 visits, IP browsing, 23360 PV,

first of all, if you want to be a Taobao, do it right away. Don’t hesitate, hesitation will kill, hesitant people can do nothing. What? How to do it? The first step, of course, is looking for a product. Good question,

all normal, until July 5th, the XX game traffic increased by 1800IP!!!


because Ali mother superior payment system and in the grassroots webmaster good reputation.

access 4565, IP browser 38264, PV.

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