From leftover to explosion, why snacks only favor snacks, light mealsAre unicorns overvalued A takeo

1, a private technology firm acquired at $1 billion or more;

so far, "three ducks" Hunan, Jiangxi, Hubei and completed the three provinces goods font structure, and presents three teams. So, three ducks have been listed on the stock market value of the concept of the neck are in the tens of billions.

no taste listing Promo

for the insider, the lack of acquisition of Unicorn company is not surprising, for a long time, especially in mid 2015, access to 10>

as shown in the following figure, unicorns are not acquired, not because of the lack of buyers willing to pay high prices.

1, taste listed successfully

since the beginning of this year occurred in the 21 more than $1 billion technology company case, does not include some of the listed companies on the acquisition of other listed companies, but the mergers and acquisitions of private technology companies:

March 17th, the total number of Food Co., Ltd. registered at the Shanghai Stock Exchange, listed trading A shares of 410 million shares, the number of listed 50 million shares, with a total market capitalization of 9 billion 500 million yuan. According to the performance of new shares listed after the current estimate, the market value of the top ten million food, no suspense.

the fact is that in 2016 there were 21 acquisitions of private technology firms with more than $1 billion in deals, but only 2 of them were unicorns.

capital is more and more fond of light catering projects, perhaps hinted that this year will become a snack light meal spring?

"you sell, we don’t buy,"

in the acquisition of 21 more than $1 billion in the case of technology companies, only 2 is the support of venture capital Unicorn technology company, before trading at $1 billion 500 million, bought by Alibaba to $1 billion 400 million acquisition of a majority stake in Jasper Lazada and CISCO.

despite the fact that the unicorn grew up with VC, VC wanted to see the right exit path in the face of these growing star companies. This year, investors were reluctant to show up because of the lack of Unicorn companies, whether through IPO or through mergers and acquisitions, that were out of the primary market. Although individual Unicorn companies display Limited bright spots on IPO such as Twilio, mergers and acquisitions still show dismal performance.

has more than 7000 stores in China Lo brand Juewei duck neck finally enter the capital market, and Zhou Heiya, Huang realignment, why leisure food favored by the capital so? From scrap explosion models snacks, where the next flashpoint catering

it’s not because buyers are taking a wait-and-see attitude.

and just a few days ago, the positioning of light luxury food pie pie salad also announced the third round of financing 10 million.

The acquisition of

Zhou Heiya, no flavor, bright bright overall preferential larger, the price is more down to earth, compare 500g Huangshanghuang duck tongue, the price of 108 yuan, 146 yuan to sell Juewei duck week, the price is about 180 yuan.

3, a private technology firm acquired by private Holdings Company


Compared to

‘s old rival, Zhou Heiya, was listed in Hongkong in November 2016. Within a month, the market value rose nearly 30%, becoming a "duck" worthy of the name monster".


this smooth access to the capital market, for the "flavor", means that the future will be more powerful financing channels, to enhance the sustained competitiveness of the protection.

this smooth access to the capital market, for the "flavor", means that the future will be more powerful financing channels, to enhance the sustained competitiveness of the protection.

as early as September 2014, will start the IPO program, and was accepted by the Commission, but because the application documents are not complete, resulting in the audit process can not continue to be suspended review.



, according to Unicorn List data, there are currently 168 Unicorn enterprises supported by VC, these enterprises total market capitalization of $600 billion. Although the company is still as large as it used to be, buyers of these giants seem to be not interested.


"Vanity Fair" and the overpriced Unicorn

and behind the smoke of street competition, "three ducks" have been running into the market, launched a full range of PK.

2, a private technology firm valued at over $1 billion and acquiring a majority stake in other companies;

era duck industry a situation of tripartite confrontation

June 2016, the original flavor of food stocks updated A prospectus, once again sprint to the Shanghai Stock Exchange board.

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, that is to say, there is no shortage of buyers in the market. They are just not interested in unicorns.

when the question is thrown, many facts can give evidence, for example, this year, many technology companies have more than $1 billion acquisition targets, but these acquisitions are not those who are fond of the unicorn.

started the earliest Huangshanghuang, September 2012 listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, known as the "duck first", 2016 has hit more than the daily limit.

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