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Ren Xiaoqian wants to insist on no fees, "she said." someday you’ll see the value of it.

2014, Lan Yu studio international layout, will be in Paris, London and Sydney opened three branches, "do senior custom must go to Paris."." She says. 2014 full year, LAN->

In 2013 this year and

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magic man camera can be regarded as the most popular APP in 2013. Ren Xiaoqian, an art student, broke into the Internet and became a woman who gave WeChat boss Zhang Xiaolong a thumbs up.

this year were "entrepreneur" magazine "the concern of women entrepreneurs", is the basic one of the entrepreneurs in their respective fields, or income, or users, in the past year gained rapid growth, and this growth can still be expected in 2014. Their change in the world is not the perfect, but the present tense.

magic camera co founder Ren Xiaoqian

some people questioned the magic camera data, fake it, irrigation it? Soon will die? Do not earn money ah.

, we selected 10 "in various areas of entrepreneurship heady female man, among them there is a wife, there are stars, colored, fame, but no one is alone up to today’s beauty. On the contrary, compared with male entrepreneurs, they will pay more in the process of entrepreneurship.

remember "entrepreneur" in years ago, engage in "looking for Chinese Bond girl" activities? It is just a ziyuzile nature preheating, real bond girl, was launched in 2013 "entrepreneur" 2-3 monthly magazine "2014 the concern of women entrepreneurs".

LAN-YU brand dress founder blue jade


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, "entrepreneur" selection criteria, not only hard work — to become a bond girl, theefforts is only necessary conditions, sufficient conditions for real decision is selected, after all you do is much

no nonsense, let’s hurry to see their face! in alphabetical order oh

results!10 female man

from 2012 to 2013, blue jade wedding dress design, not only in Luo Haiqiong, Li Xiaolu bloom, Sheenah and other stars of the wedding, but also from the Cannes film, Venice Film Festival, the domestic film festival, she created the LAN-YU brand dress, a China actress is necessary "red shirt".

detailed report magic diffuse camera Ren Xiaoqian: the most fire App behind the woman

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by the end of 2013, two news spread, magic man camera in a short period of time have two rounds of investment, are tens of millions of dollars.

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