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Abstract: in Wang Xiaofei’s career, although in the catering, real estate, beverage and other industries, including now focused on the hotel, then no improvement is not. To get rid of the inherent public image, Wang Xiaofei may be more eager to name his career in addition to being a good husband and a good father.

is the grandfather of the Manchu is yellow banner, grandpa is the time-honored old Tianjin Meihua shoe store owner, and he is the founder of South Beauty Zhang Lan’s only son.

2006, named after the founder of South Beauty Zhang Lan name for top business people luxury club "Lan Club" and the concept of "SUBU" brand restaurant established by the Wang Xiaofei administration. "At that time, I was 24 years old, with 260 people from the team, from design, decoration to the formation of the team, are personally involved." Wang Xiaofei said in an interview.

was born in 1981, Wang Xiaofei grew up in the "aristocracy" aura grow.

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22 year old as South Beauty Restaurant Group hereinafter referred to as "beauty" of the executive director, the 26 year old founder of South Beauty Group’s high-end luxury club orchid club at the age of 29, married actress Barbie Hsu s, 30 years old 31 years old CEO took over the South Beauty, create Herun Lin Beijing Food Co. Ltd. and chairman…… Is Wang Xiaofei bloomer, automatics.

as the key to the South Beauty successor failure, Wang Xiaofei tried to prove yourself by their career. In his years of trying to strip off the "rich two generation" hat, how exactly did Wang Xiaofei go on the road to entrepreneurship? How far is he from his ideal "great entrepreneur"?

16 years of studying in France, 6 years after graduation in France, ESSEC design professional and Canada University of Guelph hotel management MBA returned to Beijing, Wang Xiaofei took the first job, is served as executive director of South Beauty Restaurant Group, responsible for the group’s overseas promotion, design and creative fashion.

young, less East glorious moment,

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February 21st, because of a "investment in Taiwan 350 million NT The Inn Boutique" during the trial business was "undocumented operation fined" news, so that Wang Xiaofei once again appear in the public eye.

however, as mother Zhang Lan from personally founded the South Beauty cleanse the family, the urgent need for new business to prove himself to Wang Xiaofei, these years have tried to take off that "two rich generation" hat? His own way in the end to go to

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, according to the China radio network, has two stores in Beijing and Shanghai. Among them, the Beijing store business area of nearly 6000 square meters, with a total investment of 300 million yuan. After opening quickly became the most Chinese world art grade top clubs, and also established the South Beauty Group in the luxury club service market benchmark.

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