Food & Drink: Real food remains Mighty Bowl’s mission

first_imgRachel Pinsky can be emailed at [email protected] Follow her on Instagram @couveeats and @rachelapinsky and on Facebook @coueeats. When Steve Valenta started rolling around town in The Mighty Bowl food truck, he didn’t intend to open a brick-and-mortar restaurant.“When we started, we were just having fun having a food truck,” said Valenta, The Mighty Bowl’s owner. “As we grew, hiring on staff, it dawned on me one day that we are supporting families here. So, it went from we are just having fun to this is serious. Now, what is a sustainable (business) model?”Valenta eventually concluded that a hybrid model with a brick-and-mortar operation and a food truck would hit a “sweet spot.”A year ago, The Mighty Bowl took over the Palace Restaurant, opening a kitchen with a takeout window. That recently closed, though, as Valenta opened a restaurant.Through all of that growth and change, The Mighty Bowl has never wavered on something it set out to do in the beginning — serving real food.“We want to bring up the food game,” he said. “Food matters so much to our quality of lives. It matters to our health long term. I just think that we have minimized food and food culture in our lives, and we want to put better quality food on stage and make that the forefront of our lives.”Valenta’s seriousness about serving real food doesn’t translate into a boring dining experience. The new space features something a bit different that Valenta has seen in New York and Los Angeles — bleacher seating.last_img

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