Entomologist subjects himself to lie on the floor screaming levels of insect

first_imgPain is a hard thing to quantify, but University of Arizona entomologist Justin Schmidt has done his best to do just that. He’s stung himself over 1,000 times with 85 different insects so we’ll know which ones hurt the most. This is the Schmidt Pain Scale, which he began developing in the 1980s. It ranges from 1 (not very painful) to 4 (feels like you’re going to die). Schmidt published a book several months ago (called The Sting of the Wild)  and recently shared some snippets of his incredibly vivid descriptions of what it’s like the be stung by the world’s most painful stingers. Seriously, he has a way with words. He even reveals the most painful sting he’s ever experienced. Fire Ant1/10Range: Native to South AmericaDescription: “Sharp, sudden, mildly alarming. Like walking across a shag carpet and reaching for the light switch.”Pain level: 1<><>last_img

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