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tourism market is mainly divided into business travel and leisure tourism, and leisure tourism has two modes, one is starting to travel with the group, the main business has occupied tuniu income; the second model is the self-service tour users according to their needs, free choice, travel, tickets, and hotel all the local tourism products. On the whole, compared with group tours, self-help travel will be the main trend of future growth.

Tencent technology Fan Xiaodong reported April 17th

with Ctrip, where to go, the same way network and other tourist products have increased business investment, and the way cattle to start the United States market, let the market of overseas tourism destination attention continues to heat up, expect more startups will join in this field.

third selects stable platform

first of all, you need to know what keywords are right for you, and what keywords can bring you benefits, that is, income. The most commonly used method is to go to the sh419 index to check the keyword search volume. New sites, do not choose keywords heat is too high, because these words are some very high weight website to take old but can not find the key words; the heat is too low, so although good rankings, but did not even ranked first for you to bring many benefits.

2 and outbound travel users?

Selection of

was about half a year I am interested in travel, is located in the United States travel market, recently has received millions of dollars in angel investment Morningside venture. I am interested in the former president of mango network Huang Zhiwen founded, the website formally launched more than two months time. Huang Zhiwen in an interview with Tencent science and technology, I am interested in the market positioning, business models, such as a detailed analysis of the following Tencent science and technology content of the interview.

1, why is it located in the American self-help travel market?

Abstract for start-up companies, the best way to cut is to select market segments, to provide users with products, resources, services that others can not replace.

at the same time, the most important thing for a Taobao customer is not how much IP it comes to every day, but how much conversion it can give you how many people visit your links and buy it every day. With this in mind, your keyword should be consistent with the merchandise you promote. Another point here, for example, if you do is slimming products, then you should choose not only with "diet" Related words, in addition, "how to lose weight", "how to lose weight good effect the long tail keywords is also a good choice, has become more and more love some Taobao customers this competition period webmaster keywords

first choice of goods

in 2014 is expected to reach 114 million people, the Hong Kong and Macao excluding, about the true number of exit 50 million, the per capita consumption of 20 thousand, nearly trillion market, which is probably more than 60% tours, and most of them are under the age of 35, with the spending power, a strong willingness to young people.

Where is the pain point for

second keywords

do Taobao customers, you must have a promotion direction. Of course, all commodities are not promoted, but for the early stage, it will give the webmaster a lot of work, and the effect is not obvious. The best way is to find a less competitive keyword, but there must be potential. This requires Taobao customers to observe the market ahead of time. Like the original weight loss brand "L-carnitine", the first to find some of this commodity, Taobao customers believe that revenue is very amazing, so, do not choose old goods. There are two ways, first, choose a long-term and stable goods, such as clothing and shoes, these goods will need people all the time, so there has been no purchase; second can be based on your choice of study some goods such as a certain potential era, such as health care, these products are often in short term will cause great purchases, if you can hold all of these products, the income will naturally be nothing difficult.

for the United States, the number of Chinese people who went to the United States in 2012 was 1 million 400 thousand, 1 million 780 thousand in 2013, and more than 2 million in 2014, according to the US Department of Commerce. In 2018, it was over 4 million. This is a large enough market segment, and the information in the American market is asymmetric, vast territory, complex industries, language barriers, habits and differences.


walks inside the market, is expected to take about 30% tickets, I am interested in do is outside the ticket all destination products about 420 billion market, and the next 10 years to the outbound market with two digit growth.

The number of outbound

of course, competition will become increasingly fierce, and for start-up companies, the best way to cut is to select market segments, to provide users with products, resources, services that others can not replace. For example, there are positioning in the outbound tourism Raiders application of the "next stop", located in the island tourism resort platform "bubble sea" and so on.

the platform here refers to the channels that users access through your Taobao links. For example, some people pass BLOG, some people do their own websites, and some even publish them through advertising. No matter what the channel, stability is a very important part. In this way, visitors can successfully and smoothly access your pages and links, so that there is the possibility of commission, so the stability of the platform and speed is not much to say. Here, I want to pay attention to what I need to pay attention to. First of all, the choice of space must be careful, you should search the network more of your choice of space providers comments. Space doesn’t have to be much at first

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