Gogo boosting inflight WiFi speeds to 98Mbps

first_imgThere was a time not long ago that you had no choice but to sit quietly on a plane and read. Then in-flight WiFi arrived and ruined our relaxation. Travelers barely took time to comment on how cool it was to get Internet access on a plane before wishing it was a little faster. Gogo, the largest in-flight WiFi provider, is answering the call by upping its connection speed to 9.8Mbps.The system currently deployed on most airlines is called ATG-3, and operates at just 3.1Mbps. That’s not a terrible speed on the face of it, but remember that many dozens of users could be accessing the same network on any given flight. Tasks like streaming video and using web apps are often not possible.The faster networking standard is known as ATG-4 and will be more than three times as fast, but you still shouldn’t expect incredible broadband speeds on a fully-booked flight. Gogo says the new technology should be sufficient to give passengers an acceptable web browsing experience. I would not be surprised if streaming video is still a lost cause, though.ATG-4 is based on EV-DO Rev. B — the same cellular technology used by Verizon and Sprint for their 3G data networks. Gogo connects to ground-based cell towers via several antennas on the underside on the plane. So far, 25 planes from US Airways, Delta, and Virgin have been equipped with the new system. United and American Airlines will be adding the service in 2013.Gogo’s prices have been inching upward in recent months, perhaps in preparation for this speed increase. At least the speeds might make it worth the price.via The Vergelast_img

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