Augmented reality app helps librarians keep the stacks sorted

first_imgSome truly amazing augmented reality apps have appeared in the recent past. Google Goggles can help you solve a Sudoku puzzle, you can blast TIE fighters in your back yard using your iPhone, and Word Lens will translate foreign language signs for you in real time. Now, while you may not personally have any use for this latest app, that doesn’t make it any less cool.The app is called ShelvAR, and it’s designed to help library staff keep shelf after shelf of books in letter-perfect order more easily. Using an Android AR app and specially coded tags containing call numbers that are placed on the books’ spines, ShlevAR can determine which books have been shelved incorrectly, marking them with a red X . The team behind ShelvAR is currently working to boost its capabilities so that the app can handle anywhere from 75 to 150 books at a time, enabling it to tackle an entire shelf in one go.AdChoices广告Librarians are understandably excited about ShelvAR’s potential. It could be an amazing tool for library volunteers and pages, who might not have a firm grasp of the Dewey Decimal System, and there are plenty of other possible applications. The app could, for example, display star ratings and reader comments — which would enable patrons to make more informed selections when browsing. Patrons who wind up lost among the stacks could also be pointed in the right direction — snap the spines you’re facing, and an overlay could provide walking directions to the tome you’re actually trying to locate.Read more at Popular Sciencelast_img

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