Scientists Create Baby Mice From Two Fathers

first_imgAccording to the latest issue of the journal Biology of Reproduction, researchers have found a way to successfully produce baby mice using genetic material from two fathers. Those crazy scientists!But don’t fret, ladies! We still need you to do all the hard, child-bearing stuff… for now. The first step to bringing this wacky sitcom scenario to fruition is to take genetic material from a male mouse embryo and manipulate it into the eggs of a female mouse. The female mouse was then allowed to naturally mate with available male mouse studs. The female carriers later gave birth to both male and female mice that caried genetic contributions from two fathers. (It’s, of course, much more complicated than that–a PDF with some way too technical details available here.)This achievement of two-father offspring could be a valuable tool in preserving endangered species, improving livestock breeds, and even open the door to the possibility of same-sex couples having their own genetic children. Also, that Arnold Schwarzenegger pregnant man movie is one step closer to being true now. Congrats, science.last_img

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