Car nternet business fight, rent, spell, sell… Where are the opportunities for entrepreneurshipWh

today, the daily passenger traffic of Beijing Metro is 9 million -1000 million passengers, and about 5 million people take the subway every day. We assume that half of the people arrive at the destination within 1km of the subway for example, the China World Trade Center Metro has 300 thousand passengers per day, and the other half needs more than 1km to arrive at the destination, and needs to ride or transfer to public transport. This part is about 200-300 million people, the real choice of riding should not be more than 30% because if the parking lot from the destination is not the most convenient, lost riding meaning is expected to 500 thousand, service to the community population of -80 million, calculated by 600 thousand people here. Others are college students, and there are 750 thousand college students in Beijing. There should be a small percentage of them choosing to share bikes but if they go out often, they will choose to buy it themselves

in the retail market, new car sales market occupies the main position, and in services to the market, the automobile industry chain is broader, taxi, car rental, car, second-hand car, automotive supplies, car repair, car washing, parking, beauty, maintenance, generation of driving, accident, insurance, financial and other very rich. Regardless of the chain of automobile industry is so long, the entire industry chain has basically all the net, have begun to invest in the Internet field, and even spread to the industrial chain, more upstream of the automotive industry.


introduction: all the consumer market, the automobile industry chain is the longest, once to the retail market extends to the service market, this is decided by the characteristics of the product, but the automobile industry of the whole industry chain has all the basic net, have started in the field of Internet gold, and has even spread to the industry chain as the upper reaches of the automobile industry.



car rental market: a little hot, a bit chaotic, a little grab

in Jinsha River venture partner Zhu Xiaohu seems, sharing the bike is to solve the "travel last mile" problem.

how big is it to share a bike?

in the cold winter capital, sharing bike suddenly thriving branches of the oblique out, and suddenly the industry speculation, and this is how,

1, unlike drops, sharing bikes is a small minority of

we take Beijing as an example. In 2016, Beijing had 21 million 700 thousand permanent residents and 5 million 440 thousand vehicles. According to the high moral map of the "first half of 2016 China’s major cities public transport report", Beijing public travel average walking distance of 955 meters, if the allocation to travel and arrival, it is about 500 meters. Among them, Beijing bus distance of about 800 meters, the subway station is relatively larger distance. Therefore, we can draw a preliminary conclusion: subway travel people are more suitable for sharing bicycles.

cool, even brutal to the bones of investors, why suddenly enthusiastic,

crazy investment in Ali and Tencent, a huge amount of money, a taxi in the software industry after a reign of terror, and the war not only get rid of the tear forced a lot of taxi software, even shaken the taxi management department of many of the city’s position. Along with the fast and drops almost at the same time the end of taxi subsidies, taxi software fever began to decline and gradually return to rational, in which a taxi please all the people in the activities, drops quickly and completely into a famous battle, netizens sight, taxi service market to take the heat.

taxi fight: the most intense car Internet gold rush

all the consumer market, the automobile industry chain is the longest, once to the retail market extends to the service market, this is decided by the characteristics of the product, compared with other 3C, household appliances, furniture, clothing, books, Home Furnishing, beauty, food, jewelry, shoes, bags, mother and other retail market the industrial chain and catering, entertainment, leisure, tourism and other service industry chain length are not with the car.

from the current automobile industry chain project has various OCS, taxi dispute is most intense, but is has been basically completed the preliminary market reshuffle of the industry, Ali and the support of Tencent, fast taxi and the taxi drops to become the two biggest winner in talent shows itself, according to Analysys, reference data, in the first quarter of this year when drops quickly and had a monopoly of taxi APP market share of more than 95% respectively 51.6% and 45.3%, the two strong industry initially formed.

, buses and other means of travel, there is still some distance from the destination, at this time we will be more willing to share the bike.

! ?

October 13th, v-mobile bicycle announced C+ round of financing the latest news, according to media reports the current round of financing in the amount of $100 million or more. Just a few days ago, ofo shared bike has just completed a total of $130 million C round of financing. In the same city bicycle rental bicycle in the layout of Xiaoming recently got a $100 million A round of financing. The crazy thing is, since August, only two months, v-mobile and ofo respectively announced the completion of the 4 round of financing

with eleven in the year before and after the two giant car Shenzhou car rental and a car has spread the news of the listing, the rental market has become a hot topic in the network. However, the domestic car rental market is not like the taxi market share is too concentrated, there are still very large variables in the future.

comes as a traditional car rental company, still occupying the major 2B Market

Abstract: since August, only two months, v-mobile and ofo respectively announced the completion of the 4 round of financing! Calm, even cruel to the bones of the investors, why suddenly crazy? In the view of Jinsha River venture partner Zhu Xiaohu, the bike sharing is to solve the "travel the last mile" problem.

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