Analysis of the business model of Witkey WitkeyThe concept of Chinese O2O first Tao Tao Valley Cater

, a company rarely attracted to the outside world, suddenly turned into "China’s first stock of O2O concept"". In November 27, 2012, Shenzhen City, Tao Tao Valley Information Technology Co. Ltd. TTG listed on the Sydney stock exchange. The average monthly revenue of the company disclosed in the prospectus, but 100 thousand yuan, but the valuation of nearly 4 billion yuan, so the industry in an uproar.

one of the problems with many coupon companies is the lack of payment links, resulting in a failure to accurately control consumer data and charge higher fees to businesses, i.e., "no closed loop"". TTG said he realized a closed loop, the most critical factor is that the business directly grafted in UnionPay payment system. Users advance coupons and bank cards bound, credit card consumption directly enjoy discounts. In this process, consumers and businesses trading habits have not changed, the background system automatically complete businesses, platforms and other participants clearing, accounting.

since the purpose is not financing, why is the company set up less than two years that is listed? Xiong Qiang explained that it is easy to regulate the operation of the company, "become a public company, more open to accept management."." A person inside the Union who declined to be named commented, "not all of them."". And Xiong Qiang does not think the company’s market capitalization is overvalued, he even said, "all our team will be locked in stocks, the future TTG must be over ten billion dollars of the company, and now do not want to dilute the stock too much."."

bear strong had founded Zhongheng advertising company, development and production of multimedia content in mobile internet. In 2006, Xiong Xiong, who worked as a mobile communications product marketing consultant, founded the broadcast network. He said that the network has achieved annual revenue of 180 million yuan, is China’s largest mobile retail vertical electricity supplier website. Later, he found that many mobile phone users see mobile objects in order to buy, in order to allow users to go offline to see the phone, they began to do the idea of coupons. 2009 >

outside rumors TTG and China UnionPay signed an exclusive agreement. In fact, TTG is an exclusive agreement with the Shenzhen UnionPay Financial Network Co., Ltd. hereinafter referred to as Shenzhen UnionPay financial network, which is a subsidiary of China unionpay. But in any case, TTG’s small company has managed to break into the financial giant system. What can it do?

/ reporter Shi Xiangyu

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

from Tao Tao Gu overseas financing, and sell shares to a mere 0.3%. TTG founder Xiong Qiang told Entrepreneur: "we are not financing, the cost is enough draw on the OK."."

, since 2002 began Witkey mode site prototype. By 2005, there was a boom in the model. shlf1314, sh419, Sina, YAHOO, and many other sites have entered the field. As an emerging model of the Internet, there are still many problems to be solved, the most prominent problems are intellectual property rights, user cheating, knowledge classification and so on. The emergence of Witkey mode is an important event for the development of the internet. The search engine will become one of the two wheels to promote the development of the Internet, search engines using machine intelligence to search for the answer in the information has been looking for a solution to the wisdom for the new problems by Witkey mode, and reflect the wealth of knowledge is thought.

The birth of

two. The definition and model of Witkey mode model by CCID Consulting ho Xiao creation

Witkey mode – user inquiry platform personal skills, through a network of interactive knowledge, a model of wisdom into wealth.

Witkey on Internet — interactive quiz with their skills, knowledge platform, people gain wealth of wisdom.

?The evolution of

talked about their own business model, strong bear said, "financial acquiring network is a closed network, the Internet is an open network, we are actually will be closed and open network switch network. No one in the world does it as a business model. This is entirely China’s own innovation of an Internet play and rules."


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