Easy to do the site outside the chain of high quality a blog

for the blog, I feel the most profound is the blog for the website anchor text links to help very large. We do not know is how to understand the anchor text, my understanding is to insert a link in a keyword, it is the anchor text. But why do I do not believe that the anchor text that we all know, the anchor text is to improve the keywords ranking the most important work station, we need to do a lot of anchor text, and outside the station anchor text link is very important. So how to use the portal blog link anchor text, listen to some simple views on me.


for the blog I think the first thing to do is to keep the blog, how to keep the blog and we may have its own way, but I think there was no escape from a point: use popularity blog weight training. The weight training blog we can use to do has two parts, one part is the CMS article management system, which is the blog, hair every day, but not aimless, beginning when we need to train the weights of the blog and popularity, so in the blog to attract.

well, the front is just a rough idea, one of our greatest headache following specific talk about: how easily do the site outside the chain of high quality. For this problem, I believe we all want to have a good method of their own, but are not sure whether you really have a good way, or could not find such a way, I want to say anything, don’t care too much about some seemingly fast but not long life, we to do the chain, let the chain increase weight accumulate steadily, their own website. Here I want to introduce you to my first point in practice: blog, hope that we can love.

Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. In the process we do optimization, the most need to do has three main aspects: the structure of the website, website content, website chain. For any part we all need to do a lot, there are also many skills need attention in practice. Today I want to talk about is something about the site outside the chain. The website chain like website name card, we need to do is keep your name card issued to let more people understand us, remember us, and then continue to accumulate training a group can become our website users, and create a certain reputation in the industry, and ultimately achieve the dream of the summit. Do a lot of the chain like and we send the same name card, the more fat you can receive the user more, but not aimless to, such as my name card is the website optimization, but I find some farmers, you say they will find you do it, you will find the optimization obviously, the probability is very small, so sometimes we really need to do the name card, but also should be targeted for specific groups of their own, to some companies, to some enterprises, so that people come back to find you, with your cooperation.

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