Do T website optimization of migrant workers is good at combining tools more easily

first on mining. Each stationmaster engaged in mining keywords, after all, each site began to do optimization before first need to determine your keywords, so webmaster also need to add keywords to the site. And these words come from? Is certainly need the owners personally mining analysis, now many webmaster for the keyword mining using manual mining, some can improve the efficiency of keyword mining tools to spit foam, such as keywords love station mining tools, most of the webmaster tools only use love stand to check their rankings included weight like, but not how to keywords mining function look, and when their site to mining, but with the Shanghai love index, the drop-down box, search three method of analysis is added to the website. For this method, I want to say is that the eldest brother, the three methods used in thousands of tens of thousands of webmaster, you still use this mining method is not really ah, so a good tool to use some non competition degree, and the effect is not obvious, as it? Why not other accuracy higher tool instead? Now on the network a lot of keyword mining tools, why in the hand to dig it, this is hard not accurate enough, also cannot achieve batch mining, more time consuming less power.


. If I give you an automatic chain building tool, you might to spit with foam, may be affected by some owners of the case, as long as the construction of the chain automatic tools are not good for website optimization. The author for this view still could not help but say, big brother, the tool is dead, people are living. The tool itself is not wrong, the effect is not good can only show your operation ability is not enough. For example, some webmasters use mass mailing tools can make the website traffic >

Secondly, on the construction of the chain

whenever I hear someone asks what the website optimization is not easy? Light? There is no future of such problems, I do not know how to answer, if you go to a station from the perspective of the case, the website optimization is the IT IT of migrant workers, migrant workers will not easily, also is some promising, but more the Internet is to produce waste promotion advertising. Many people do not see the website optimization is the chain, update the content you can make money. In fact, this is just the layman’s view, in the webmaster circles, website optimization is actually like IT migrant workers, in order to get up early every day to the hair of the chain, or even a dozen hours a day at the computer work station grew up in. Is not every day to stay in front of the computer time is long, will have the effect of website optimization, the ranking will be good? I told you, NO! Site optimization master daily work hours can earn a lot of money, not more than three hours why? Because they know the rest, also understand enrichment use a good tool to liberate their hands and minds. Some webmaster tools all day to despise all day is for the chain, chain, chain and work hard! Reasonable use of tools can make our optimization work easier and higher working efficiency. This topic from the owners often do several aspects about.

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