From the optimization analysis of Google search engine love Shanghai two

Google is the world’s largest search engine, the love of Shanghai is the world’s largest search engine Chinese. If the English as an example, then love can’t catch up with the technology of Google Shanghai paima, but if the Chinese as an example, the two brothers had a fight, in general, in fact still love Shanghai better, come listen to me carefully.

love Shanghai included hard, maybe this is all the owners of heart disease. Hard to write an article, the last love Shanghai was not included, which is a high weight website reprint, but included, it is a waste of time to do the wedding dress and others; and Google? As long as not too much garbage content, he is not mistaken as received!!! So, you know the amount included in Google than Shanghai a lot of love. But love there is a law in Shanghai, that is the low weight site must be of high quality original content can be included; weight high website, even he can also copy the contents included. So this also remind the webmaster benign website, love Shanghai more care is to enhance the website weight and user experience.

in the blink of an eye in the network for 2 years, from the beginning of the game, PS programming, etc. until now the Shanghai dragon ranking, network marketing, network marketing, through a lot of. From the first list took over "Hangzhou printing company" to start, I began my career in Shanghai dragon. For almost 1 years of love Shanghai Google ranking optimization and network promotion research, is also a small income, and the beginning of the psychological fear has completely disappeared, there is only one of a test. This is the love of Shanghai dragon, the kind of passion, just start in the rankings now calm…… Head of the life, the life is and network connection, and search engine deal with life. Look at those every webmaster forum inside the ridicule, is really exclamation life. Experienced the love of Shanghai calm a groundless talk, word is always I believe! Today I bring you the contents of the "Google, fell in love with the sea sea Longfeng optimization difference as before", "modify the site title after the same thing", the.

1, a short visit to stand, Google will reduce its ranking in a short time, and love in Shanghai? You can find that the rankings can last for a long time, 1 months to a few months look different. I have a website like this, because of being harmonious, but so far in the past month, the ranking was still there.

this is very good understanding, love Shanghai reaction did not Google.


2, Site, this blog pages included up to now has not been fully updated, because the author in more than a month before the change in the title page of the website. Google just change the title in a few days after the full update. I change again yesterday afternoon at the time of the page title, Google has updated, love Shanghai is estimated to be 2>

As everyone knows I have

Shanghai included love hard, Google included

love Shanghai slow response, Google fast response

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