360 search commercialization secret years realized 500 million yuan

360 search channel promotion agent signing since late January 2013, launched in the domestic first-tier cities, the first signing will focus on domestic first-tier cities. 360 search promotion Beijing area sole agent for Beijing World Online Technology Co. ltd..

360 search marketing channel is now underway in Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Hebei, Shandong and Henan and other 8 provinces, a total of 13 authorized agents, most areas take the exclusive agent of the form.

of the sales staff refused to disclose the specific delivery amount, but according to the lowest 4600 yuan, has 360 world online search to nearly 5 million of sales.

Beijing signed more than 1000 customers

360 commercial search is being carried out step by step for the camp. According to Sohu IT sources, 360 search promotion in Beijing has won more than 1000 customers.

public information display, and online agent at the same time Sogou, soso, Youdao advertising. In February 28th, world online and 360 search sign cooperation agreement. But before this, in late January began to receive 360 world online search advertising.

of course, deduction of payments to the agents in the sales channel cost. It is understood, soso, Sogou, Youdao agents into about 40%-50%, channel 360 analysts, divided into roughly around 40%.

360 search advertising account fee of 4600 yuan, including 600 yuan service fee and 4000 yuan on deposit. On this basis, there are 8600 yuan, 12600 yuan, 26600 yuan optional, in addition to 600 yuan service fee for delivery service pre deposit deposit, more to enjoy more.

In addition to the Beijing

13 agents

world online sales staff described 360 search: "15% of the market, new market opportunities and customer sources are sufficient and cost-effective, compared with love Shanghai, the effect is not bad.

world online advertising company such veteran agents, agents for the rest of the most of the new company, with 360 search promotion as the main business, such as the general agent of Shanghai Shanghai Qi search network technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang general agent of Ningbo Paige Network Technology Co. ltd.. Sohu IT linked to the Shanghai Qi search, but the other side is not willing to disclose the current trading conditions. According to earlier reports, in early March, Shanghai Qi search held promotional activities on site signing of nearly 130 single, March 21st, Shanghai Qi search organized second promotion activities.


IT of Sohu from the world of online sales department learned that since late January, the online world has successfully signed more than 1000 single, covering all industries except health care outside.

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