US Report Highlights Moroccos Religious Openness

Washington – US Department of State highlighted, on Wednesday, guarantees laid down in the Moroccan constitution in terms of religious freedom, as well as efforts made by Rabat and Washington to promote tolerance as part of the Strategic Dialogue.“The constitution guarantees the freedom of thought and practice of one’s religious affairs,” wrote the International Religious Freedom Report for 2014, by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor.The report recalled that in May “King Mohammed VI broke ground on a new royal regional imam training institute as part of a royal initiative to promote openness and tolerance among the new generation of male and female spiritual guides.” It underlined that “Jewish citizens attended services at synagogues and lived in safety throughout the country,” adding that the government allows foreign Christian communities to attend worship services in approved places.“The U.S. government promoted religious tolerance in the bilateral strategic dialogue,” it said, adding that “the Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs led a working group that discussed interfaith dialogue and youth.The working group sponsored a joint international conference on women in monotheistic religions held in Rabat in November.”

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