Chen Jun talks about the selection and optimization of the domain name URL

on the site, if the choice is a good domain name if you successfully from the nearby step, what is a good domain name, how to choose? Please tell me what you look at all the way down:

this kind of domain name is also a lot of numbers and letters, there are many English in combination. A combination of letters and numbers, www.admin5贵族宝贝 in the webmaster circle, is a very catchy name;

can not find relevant examples, so here he cites an example. For example, you do machining (lathe, machining nut):


to consider this problem, either do a global station, or to do foreign trade station, have such consideration. If want to do an international war, it must choose a English name, after all, in line with international standards, this is done best is Sina portal, if he began to face a domestic case, should choose Sina Chinese Larry, but he did not, but the choice of sina English. If it is to do foreign trade network, also suggest is English, after all, you have to face the majority of customers are foreigners, English friendly point.

1, if you in the domestic user groups, so this section of the URL you should locate: jiagong-chechuang, jiagong-luomao, the intention is that some users in the search engine search box, habitual input > spell

here URL and domain name together to write it, because that is the combination of URL and domain name. The domain name is a part of url.

is a full screen, or

1, easy to remember, the word "admin", is the original website account name, as long as it is the webmaster, did not know, in addition to a number of 5, that it is a must.

Optimization of

four, URL addressWhy did

three, the other class combination

2, simple, easy to input.

this problem, certainly you want to do, when applying for a domain name, a problem in the end is the most tangled, with the spelling is good, or good -. For this problem, the solution is simple. First of all, to see how you, you want to locate a large website to let the users or people in the industry are aware of your website, it is recommended that you choose to abbreviate. Here is a good example: Beijing appliance repair network, the website domain name is www.bjjdwx贵族宝贝, is the choice of shorthand, rather than spelling, if it is full, it would be too long, add a point here, is that if you want to choose the full domain name is too long it can also consider -.

two, English or Chinese Pinyin

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