BES was traced to the United States during the year $1 billion PO express listed puzzle is complete

text / world network reporter Tao Wangbo

3, tip technology,

1, small industry

as of December 2016, BES network under a cloud storage, BES Express, courier and other bes bes sub Business >

has set up shop in 2015 bes bes BES and international, Losangeles in the United States and the establishment of a wholly owned U.S. subsidiary, the acquisition of 360hitao to carry out cross-border business, expand overseas.

Alibaba 2016 annual report shows that the current Alibaba has invested a total of $256 million, get a 22% stake in bes.

according to the Wall Street journal, one of Goldman’s private equity investment institutions is the bes shareholders.

at present, tact, in the pass, Shen Tong, SF and rhyme have completed the listing, IPO also Debon logistics in the queue, the daily express and the peak express respectively in Suning, CYTS logistics, industry competition pressure suddenly increased. According to the bes chairman Zhou Shaoning had said, the bes will also complete listed in the last two years. Once completed, Debon bes listed, then China express logistics industry the first round of listing tide is over.

2, essence content

because of this, now Taobao market gradually saturated, profiteering keyword almost has been done rotten, new Adsense is difficult to have beyond the possibility. As a grassroots webmaster, at present the only way out is to walk small, fine, sharp Road, do fine industry king. Take the watch market as an example to describe the specific operation methods mainly to attract traffic by SEO technique:


bes logistics was founded in 2007, the first batch of Alibaba and Foxconn $15 million financing. In November 2010, Hangzhou bes network technology limited company successfully acquired "Huitong express", later renamed "bes Huitong", become the bes network’s Express brand, later renamed the BES Express two degrees.

Abstract: after one of three links and SF, and bes IPO Debon near.

small boat U-turn, in the big market has been divided up in the circumstances, the choice of small, there is a chance of success. Small there are two main aspects, one is the small products, more products; two is a small industry, industry segments, such as do you watch this keyword, generally do not need to do grassroots webmaster, into the first 10 pages are difficult, and there are many brands of watches are sh419 shlf1314 official website direct bidding promotion. Then, we can choose one of the brands, or even a brand of a model to operate. For example, you set up a special Casio website, so the competition is much smaller.


we have chosen the direction through "small", through the "fine" to do the content, and now need is through the "tip" to do traffic, build a web site that others can not easily go beyond. Website content is king, the chain for the emperor at what time is not out of date! Made by fine original content, need now is some related websites to do outside the chain, a watch is related to the Forum; two is sh419, Sina know, ask the question inquiry platform, this platform is in fact how many questions for example, CASIO LTP-1208E-9B2 watch? Accurate and few general questions, the answer, as long as you answer, easily through the audit. When you have a lot of original content and a wide range of Web sites, you have basically done the top of the Casio industry

bes Group Chairman Zhou Shaoning said the best expectations over the next 5 years, 20% to 30% of the revenue from overseas markets, so the next generation will further increase the investment of resources in the international market.

believes that Taobao did not do off the grassroots webmaster now rarely in fact, many new Adsense! Is lured many of the training institutions and training institutions, and granted the contents of 10 9 are about Taobao customers through SEO, or even a single page Taobao guest.

In 2016

according to "the Wall Street journal" reported on April 11th, Alibaba and Foxconn Group Holdings China logistics company plans this year in the United States for the first time a public offering to raise about $1 billion.

since we have chosen a small, then it means that the market is relatively small, in order to profit, we must develop to the deep industry, so that it is easy to form original content. Do you like the Casio network, you can put all types of Casio are collecting in, and then use the content pages to do these types of long tail, like the CASIO LTP-1208E-9B2 watch? Takes this as the title of the article, for this type of watch properly of introduction, introduction, price comparison and so on, forming a the original article. Take the precise marketing approach. In this way, you can ensure that your website is the most professional in the Casio field, providing users with what they want, and naturally get the benefit you want.

" world network operators to verify relevant information to bes, BES said not to disclose any information.

expects the company’s IPO to begin as early as September or October. Informed sources said, from the current trading arrangements, IPO this year is expected to become the China company in America’s largest publicly traded. It is unclear which listed on the American Stock Exchange best expectations.

, a total funding of $760 million, by Goldman as chief financial adviser, hina as joint financial adviser. After the rookie network Alibaba, as a new round of investors with the cast, other investors include Fosun international, Softbank, China and international finance companies.

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