Five summary of optimized WordPress and five plug


H Tags: H tags in the search engine optimization is the key, the H1 tag title tag, H2 tag is the subtitle label, an article can only have a title, so you can use only one H1, try to use a H2. In a sidebar if there are related articles or popular articles recommended, it is best not to use H tags.

personal webmaster blog to make articles included more fully, have a good ranking in the search engines, so the blog itself must be optimized. The optimization itself is emphasized in detail, so today, combined with the optimization of their experiences experience together with other people on WordPress, to everyone from the five summary and five plugins for everyone to share. If have a wrong place, also hope.

fixed connection settings: This is a lot of people are concerned, I give advice to " domain name / article keywords /" this style, there are three reasons, one is the search engine will not be judged by the time according to the URL date; the two is to avoid duplicate content issues; three the weight is slightly higher than the weight of the page directory.

WordPress we are very familiar with, but also by the majority of owners welcome, he good website structure and plug-in concise code, plus numerous, making WordPress dominate in the PHP domain. We use the purpose of the blog is different, there are for commercial use, a pure record of his life, love to share what you see from the. For different purposes, determines the nature of the blog and the convenience of using difference. Today and share is mainly personal webmaster blog.

is determined to build the core theme: a web site must have a clear theme, this has three advantages, one is oneself can be more focused, easy to achieve a breakthrough; two is the user access convenient, you can find many other places to see things; the three is to search engine to judge you what website input category to cumulative weight.

Don’t try to modify the source code of WordPress

: there are a lot of places in the Shanghai dragon for optimization, but also some is not perfect. The title is a defect, there are two kinds of methods to modify into search engine friendly, one is to modify the source code, the two is to use the plug-in. Suggested here try not to modify the source code, because the trouble will encounter rather baffling in the future in the process of upgrading.

The rational use of

(XML) Sitemaps> noble baby

five plugins:


recommends the use of pictures: illustrations tend to be more attractive, but the picture often will affect the speed of opening the website, we need to optimize the picture, do not interfere with the premise of open speed, try to post with pictures, even just a little. Pictures to add ALT tags, to specify the length and width.

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