A Greener Government

first_img “I’m pleased to see how dedicated all departments are to pavingthe way towards a cleaner, healthier environment,” saysEnvironment and Labour Minister Kerry Morash. “We’re setting animportant example we hope all other businesses will follow. I’mproud to say that, across government, staff members have acceptedthe challenge and are committed to responsible environmentalmanagement.” Led by Environment and Labour, departments are implementing theprovince’s Green Plan, Towards a Sustainable Environment. Theplan, released in June 2003, sets the framework to helpgovernment integrate good environmental practices into policiesand programs. The practical result of this work can be found in many programsand initiatives. There is, for example, the pilot program that isusing fuel made from fish oil to heat provincial buildings,thereby helping to reduce harmful industrial air emissions. Orthe government-wide decision to only buy printers that can useboth sides of a piece of paper in an effort to reduce the amountof paper being used. The Green Plan also sets out the province’s goals for “greenpower” purchasing, for having all provincially funded buildingsmeet standards set by the Model National Energy Code and forparticipating in regional, national and internationalenvironmental initiatives. This year, Environment Week will be celebrated from May 30 toJune 5. Wednesday, June 2 has been declared national Clean AirDay. For more information on Environment Week, or on theprovince’s Green Plan call 902-424-6344 or see the website atwww.gov.ns.ca/greenweb/. as annual Environment Week activities focus on how Nova Scotians can help protect and sustain our land, air and water. From heating government buildings with fish oil to buyingcomputer printers that use both sides of paper, the province isdoing its part to ensure a cleaner and greener future. Those efforts are taking centre stage this week (May 30 to Junelast_img

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