How should the acquisition station website optimization ranking

we all know, high quality original content is very helpful in website optimization, but it is also need to spend a lot of time and energy to do, in addition there are many sites, almost impossible to do original content, such as: novel station, movie station, software download site, these sites are most is the collection station, the site should be how to do SEO rankings? Isn’t the original content will not of course not rankings?. In our chain Valley customer case, there are a lot of websites is a novel station, movie site. Do they have almost no original content, and content updates are very few. But also can have very good rankings. Please see below: in order to ensure customer privacy, inconvenience of display part.


client is a novel online station, just 8 months, love Shanghai weight 6, which should be regarded as a very successful case, so we have to analyze the website optimization hand off.




we often say that content is king, the chain for the emperor, in fact this sentence to see how people to understand, also according to the different types of Web sites, but also reflects different. But in the case of customers, fully reflects the effect of the chain of Shanghai dragon optimization. See below: high weight forum outside the chain of the chain and the video for the customer on behalf of the station.

then talked about the chain, since the Shanghai self update algorithm, a lot of the chain are considered useless, such as BBS signature, software automatically sending, are garbage outside the chain, the chain of high quality should be how to do, this is a problem, we need to take into account the weight, outside chain platform collection stability and diversity. There are a lot of friends in the chain will have a misunderstanding, that number is the most important, in fact, not high quality of the chain 1 is better than 100, the key is to see how to do. In addition, there are many friends outside the chain on the one or two platform, this is not enough, we need more platform to keep the diversification of the chain. Please visit: more outside the chain of knowledge chain based on the A5 www.wailiangu贵族宝贝 Valley, the first original release, reproduced please keep.

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