Analysis of low PR website construction of the chain a good helper

search engine is actually on the meager content have some judgment, we all know that Spider love original thing, if the content of your meager is completely copy and paste it, the search engine does not love nature. There may be only one idea we do now that is what little marketing is written for people to read, not look to the search engines, so it greatly to other classic articles copied, increase small fan popularity, of course this is a good way to improve the small fans, but we can make a little change, instead of their own what search engine and users will love.

refers to the registration time, small opening time, like website domain name registration time, the longer the search engine will be recognized. In terms of content, or the chain, may have an advantage. Of course, this is just a temporary speculation, as in the end there is no contact, I hope you can study them carefully.

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mentioned here how to obtain high PR low, not one or two days, and a Google update cycle is, so this is not what effect, we only persist for a long time, can have the harvest. To improve the small pr in the end what needs to be done? In other words, little PR in the end associated with what? People summed up the 3 links, and we discuss together:

The contents of What is the meaning of

PR and

Xuzhou to net meager PR value

here refers to the external links you with small link in the address, and the weights of the meager PR is the biggest this site, the higher the weight, give you some more dispersed, low weight, low weight to the relatively less, for example, like recruitment, admin station network, Xuzhou good network, 51job, 95 Zhi employed, large high quality website links, to share micro-blog contribution to the PR value is very large, the search engine will be recorded, help to improve the PR value.

in the Web3.0 era, little has become an indispensable tool for the network, and the "little Pr" will arise, Google update PR, Sina, Tencent meager allocated PR value, as shown below, Xuzhou was also assigned a meager Sina PR value. But little is equivalent to blog, with blogs, pictures, web site logo, with a high PR little what kind of benefits for us, and how to increase the PR value to this meager? Is a problem worth exploring, the following is to carefully analyze the small things under pr.

, external links


if I have a high PR value low, various effects will not get than the same PR value of the site, then what is the meaning of small pr with >?



PR small

who meager?

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