Analysis of Web site is an important factor of K

why this is the case?


. A station name and content does not match the

included a lot less, many medical websites also encountered such a situation. Some sites even caused directly by K off. It seems like Shanghai this is really serious.

recently love Shanghai included, has been very stable, change greatly, also quite powerful changes to everyone above:

here is that, the quality does not mean you station is bad, but mainly refers to the content without their own original, as we all know, love Shanghai love original things. But we know they always do a lot of copying to a certain time, your site is full of copycat version of the content, high repeat content, Shanghai also does not love love, would certainly be regarded as garbage disposal site. I hope the webmaster friends can not be completely original, you should at least do false original.

pompous title and content. !

first, I would like to tell you that your site is certainly not a coincidence K. Maybe your site before everything is normal, but K is a kind of inevitable. The puppet to analysis all the webmaster friends under some personal opinion of this situation:

dear friends, to build a website, I think everyone will have a theme, built up what what. This point I think this is caused by the K one of the most important factors. In fact, it is easy to understand, we are content revolves around his name and service station, you can build a hospital website, and website content is full of sports news. Of course, this is only the author of a hypothesis. The key is to show a better correlation website, at least your site display content should be consistent with your title.

site content quality. ! website

this point and it was a bit similar, but I think also need to clarify alone. There are some sites, especially some new sites, in the station of the title and content too exaggerated, this is the love of Shanghai is very offensive. It is easier to understand, we are for the purpose of the site, for Internet users. I am here for example:

recently, especially from last month about 20, a major update to love Shanghai, a lot of K station. I pay special attention to the medical website, found love Shanghai more severe punishment. Light is right down, heavy is K

Through the observation of



a TV enterprises through this platform to showcase their brand and advertising content, pompous serious discrepancies. You said you will love? In the course of time, will certainly be blocked. One reason, the user objectionable, it will love love Shanghai? All the webmaster friends want to love Shanghai through this platform to showcase their website, or be to.

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