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website optimization, online optimization, network promotion, website promotion, so many words in front of our new understanding is very difficult! At least just contact network optimization me these words are hard to understand. Sometimes the network promotion and site optimization of what is different? Do you know the website below I talk about the solution of the promotion and network promotion. In fact, I think that can be divided into network promotion and website promotion. This is a party to a general can be said to attract the target population in the network.

website promotion, is the familiar Cheung for we do network of part-time or Taobao customer friends. Website promotion is mainly rely on the website keyword traffic and original articles to attract flow directional flow. We will do the query keyword selection index is fixed every day how many customers come to IP directional flow. This can be involved in a piece of paper in front of me "the beginner station step by step how to optimize the site above sea dragon", can look at the optimization of a web site can query to advance through the website keyword can bring many IP.

network for the entire network! We love Shanghai or noble baby advertising promotion! I think this can be understood as the network promotion network promotion, the promotion network is on the network of any place on our advertising! Of course is to choose the place for the target population. For example, we want our employees to go to the future to put advertising, will go to China Talent Hotline commercials. What not to say to my website or web www.wuyaoshop贵族宝贝 advertising. Network promotion in my understanding of my general classification: the first advertising such as love Shanghai or noble baby or advertising. The second is for the popular website to post or reply to this also can bring certain directional flow, such as the Shanghai love know answer the questions, the Sina post NetEase. These can be in in the post. Of course, also can in some popular forum related forums. The third is that we would like to say the following website promotion.

I did not expect to be so short, oh so to me I think it is clear, the website promotion should be included in the network promotion within it, so simply to put a product on the Internet for promotion is through the network promotion, for our customers should be Taobao just stand this small corner of your website promotion. In this paper, 贵族宝贝wuyaoshop贵族宝贝 do a part-time job in the webmaster nets to start please at home, all rights reserved after copyright. Thank you for advice or written originally not good enough I hope we can make a suggestion.

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