frame page framework has no effect on the site of Shanghai dragon

encountered a problem in Shanghai Longfeng company today, other companies to iframe frame of the web page form and our website in exchange for advertising, products to the requirements of the Ministry of an assessment of Shanghai Longfeng effect, my first reaction is iframe have an impact on Shanghai dragon, but the fact is not necessarily so. Receive this demand, I was a bit stupid, because has not encountered such a situation, only a vague impression of iframe, is the iframe page framework of website effect. Iframe refers to the document framework document, should be nested structure, the spider is not grab, unless you have links to this page.

listen to what he said, I see, I had before the frame of the web page for iframe understanding is one-sided, thank Feng supervisor. In the end what is the relationship between the iframe frame of the web page on the website optimization? There is no impact? I think it should be a concrete analysis of concrete problems, why?

from the design of website construction in the iframe page framework is considered, has a great impact on the site, will not only affect the spider crawling, but some browsers do not support iframe, affecting the user experience, how much impact, not sure, proposed to avoid iframe architecture in Web site optimization in.

had a change of advertising is not to let spiders crawl, if it is a form of iframe, not just accord with this condition, all iframe advertising still have certain effect, if other forms, but also use the nofollow property to


, however, is not to say that as long as it does not affect the spider grab page, you can use iframe web framework? The answer is no.. The impact is certainly some, such as website performance, of course this is just speculation, the specific effects also after time. Feng Chunlei and I also said that if the site optimization process, if it is not to let the spider grab which page, you can use other methods, such as JS, CS>

1, iframe "framework can give their website with the flow, as long as the user browsing the page, the other side will record the browsing, and pictures of the connection with the only form of advertising click in just calculate a flow;

2, iframe easy to update, other content updates, this will show, some of which are advertising content.

then asked the search engine marketing director ray, ask very strange not professional, the question is: why they change their advertising with us, but with the iframe page framework without pictures and links? The competent patient explanation said there are two reasons:

but from another aspect, for example I had today for advertising a thing, if only one or two small window advertising, for the influence of the website is very small, but also conducive to the website, how can I say this?

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