About Shanghai K station that love one after another

Hello, I am the future. The Dragon Boat Festival holiday since we have been the site of several love Shanghai "attack", the original ranking in Shanghai love the pages about actually dropped to one hundred after the. Before the love of Shanghai also appeared this kind of thing, but just a few days back to normal, so we just started not to heart. In June 28th I saw an article that Shanghai in these two days will be normal, I checked the results to the day after I found love Shanghai not only returned to normal, but increase the intensity of K station. In addition to our web site and reduce the weight, our website has also been attacked".

guess two: love Shanghai partnership with apple out Google, love Shanghai exclusive Chinese market, forcing each stationmaster with love Shanghai

combined with the official announcement and I felt for love in Shanghai these days, I love this one after another Shanghai station K events have the following four kinds of conjecture.


this conjecture is not just to say, I also have the evidence, in July 3rd there was news of "transfer" IOS platform for third party applications to snatch the cake APP Shanghai have a bit in love > Online

I guess: the sites related to the acquisition of too much information

June in our Shanghai dragon er’s eyes are grey, because all of our previous efforts in this month are basically back to the starting point. In the face of love the sea large K station one after another, the Internet has a lot of versions of the conjecture. There is love Shanghai Nirvana system update; there are said to be database updates; there are said to be caused by the waste of the chain there are said to be caused by excessive chain etc.. In July 2nd 14 Shanghai Engineer Lee in search of love love Shanghai webmaster forum gives a love from Shanghai web search anti cheat team "official announcement", for the 6.22 and 6.28 events have made relevant explanation. Part of the contents as below:

for the June 22nd love Shanghai K station incident so I guess, everyone is a small holiday, Shanghai, that love those days no one to manage, so the impact of our website rankings also is normal. Two days later I found that our website is still not restored. I love Shanghai K station have another guess is love recently in Shanghai may adjust the algorithm will recover soon……

our website (Nanjing website) is a website, there are a lot of knowledge, such as: Shanghai dragon, SEM tutorial, the content we are collected from other places. From the "official" can be seen on the love of Shanghai increased the collection of the information included in the website hit, released a large number of false original, no original articles. Our website in the original article not collect much that our website is in love with the sea is mistaken as "low quality" website.

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