A few details of the website optimization effectively retain website visitors

first, users would like to is in the service of users. Any one site whether personal site or enterprise website, the website the most basic function is to service users, regardless of your news station information or product information or not, in our opinion in order to sell their products, enhance brand image, but any what we are thinking to the customer site for what? Obviously, there is a demand for your product or service just can satisfy the users of these potential search needs, end customers to choose your product, both can be very good cooperation, so we in the process of operation and maintenance of a website to hold the service to the user, the details in the home, let users see at a glance whether its flagship product, a Some is not conducive to the user experience a lot of details such as pop-up ads, the server is slow, customers have to wait a long time to open the page, these are the users and services for this purpose the author summarize, draw further apart, on site experience, home clean and tidy, priority products, news and information website access speed and high efficiency to customers very quickly open the page, this is in line with the purpose to service users, the most basic point of the first and the benign development of the website.


we see the recommended news from the title list, we can see that the author’s intention, each title around a user’s needs to write this in writing at the same time is actually in the continuous mining of user needs, the user is most concerned about the content of the detail. To cater to the tastes of users is the actual increase in the viscosity of the site, with the continuous change of the search engine algorithm, who can really for the sake of users, can.

we know that any a webmaster must hold for customer service purposes in the process of optimized website, there are a lot of black hat means in the author list, love Shanghai algorithm upgrade resulted in the difficulty of optimization but I think any said of an aged person, one thing we need to look at the love Shanghai One divides into two., optimization so, we should constantly improve the skills to master, there are some people who think love is the optimization of Shanghai continued to write an article, the high quality chain, the author thinks that love Shanghai optimization is actually very simple, users would like to provide for the user, so simple. Well, the author elaborates the hierarchy.

second, can provide some valuable information to users. The first point above is mainly from the image analysis, like a beautiful woman, the first sight after very seductive, this time you have not conducted in-depth exchanges, the beauty is whether we will be the same outside and inside Shenzhen, in-depth understanding of the website is a truth, users are attracted by the site clean product list and the news, it’s time to access the website content, website content is around the customers are most concerned about the details to consider, according to their website for example.

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