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Warriors Q&A: Why Shaun Livingston is considering retirement

first_imgKlay Thompson subscribes. You can too for just 11 cents a day for 11 months + receive a free Warriors Championship book. Sign me up!LOS ANGELES – Often, Warriors coach Steve Kerr will look at Shaun Livingston and just laugh.He has inspired his younger teammates for overcoming a broken left leg and knee cap in 2007, an injury that could’ve derailed his NBA career. In the past four seasons, Livingston also has carved out a niche as one of the Warriors’ veteran stalwarts with the reserves. In …last_img read more

#GivingTuesdaySA Officially Launches in South Africa

first_img– This October 30th, join fellow South Africans as we celebrate the spirit of Ubuntu and launch #GivingTuesdaySA in partnership with Brand South Africa.#GivingTuesdaySA is a global day of giving that harnesses the collective power of individuals, communities and organisations to encourage philanthropy and to celebrate generosity worldwide. Following the widely recognised shopping events Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this year’s #GivingTuesdaySA will take place on November 27th and will kick off the giving season by inspiring people to collaborate and give back.Laura Parker, Executive Director for Boys & Girls Clubs of South Africa, and the Global Lead for #GivingTuesdaySA, shared: “I volunteered to get involved in the movement as it’s a pervasive idea that brings the social sector together towards a common goal. Not only does it speak to what non-profits really need, which is funding to support their critical, ongoing operations, but it also celebrates and recognises organisations and individuals who already give.”Founded in 2012 by the 92nd Street Y – a community and cultural center in New York City − #GivingTuesday has inspired millions of people to give back and support the causes they believe in. Over $300 million was raised online to benefit a tremendously broad range of organisations, and much more was given in volunteer hours, donations of food and clothing, and acts of kindness in 2017.“We are incredibly inspired by the way the #GivingTuesday community has embraced this concept for a worldwide movement,” said Henry Timms, founder of #GivingTuesday and Executive Director of 92Y. “As we prepare for November 27, we’re energised and encouraged by the community’s generosity. The levels of creativity, effort and the quality of the new ideas people have contributed and shared are phenomenal.”Terry Pheto, Kabelo Mabelane & Danny Koppel, Brent Lindeque, and Bokang M Tshabalala have all offered their giving stories, in support of #GivingTuesdaySA. They share how they support initiatives and give hope through Save the Children South Africa, the Shout Foundation, the Good Things Guy, and the Bokang Montjane Foundation respectively.Added by Toni Gumede, Strategic Relationship Manager from Brand South Africa: “We are excited to launch this movement in South Africa as it speaks to active citizenship, mobilising individuals around social causes, and has a collaborative value system built into it, which is directly tied to our values as an organisation, and to who we are as South Africans.”The Nelson Mandela Foundation also expressed its support of #GivingTuesdaySA as the ethos of the movement ties firmly in with the centenary celebrations.For more details about the #GivingTuesdaySA movement and/or to set up interviews, please contact:Ntombi NtanziTel: +27 11 712 5071Email: [email protected] www.givingtuesdaysa.org or www.brandsouthafrica.comSocial Media: @GivingTuesdaySA @BrandSouthAfrica @PlayYourPartlast_img read more

International Geocaching Day 2018

first_img SharePrint RelatedConfirmed Geocaching souvenir moments for 2019January 9, 2019In “Community”The 2018 Geocaching International Film Festival Finalists Are…September 11, 2018In “News”Calling all filmmakers! Create a film for GIFF 2019May 7, 2019In “News” International Geocaching Day is right around the corner; have you marked your calendar? Earn the official International Geocaching Day 2018 souvenir by logging a geocache or attending an event on Saturday, August 18, 2018. Join the global community and celebrate this special day with your friends and family!Events near meShare with your Friends:Morelast_img read more

Behind the Data: The Most Popular Cameras of SXSW

first_imgIn which we run the data and chat with the filmmakers of SXSW on what cameras and lenses they used and why.Cover image via Bokeh Collective.SXSW 2017 has come and gone, and all we have to show for it is a mountain of emails, audio recordings, and interviews with some of the brightest filmmaking stars of the festival.Of the over 100 films screened as part of SXSW Film Festival that we reached out to (including everything from the big name premieres like Terrence Malick’s Song to Song and Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver to the narrative and documentary competitions and shorts programs), over 65 filmmakers gave feedback and insights into their cameras, lenses, and production workflows.Let’s explore some of the raw data (included at the bottom of the post) as we look at the most popular cameras of SXSW, the filmmakers’ decisions to use them, and their lenses and setups.Canon EOS 5DWith our data coming from all levels of the industry, it’s no surprise that the Canon 5D would be one of the most popular choices. It was a favorite of student films, short films, and documentaries. Of those sampled, the MK III was the most popular, but a few used MK II and MK IV. Canon lenses were also a popular (and obvious) pairing.The 5D is not included in our results, but many filmmakers mentioned it for some pick up shots or run-and-gun sequences. Here’s what filmmaker Miao Wang had to say about filming on the Canon 5D MK III for her documentary film Maineland.MAINELAND was filmed mostly on the Canon 5D Mark III, with a small portion filmed on the Mark II. Filming began before the Mark III was released! We slowly built up our lens package. The majority of filming used the Canon 24-70mm, Canon 70-200mm, and Zeiss 85mm. DP Sean Price Williams uses an old East German ARRI film rig. Since we started the project back in late 2011, we used Final Cut Pro 7 and stuck with it to the bitter end. I had a lot of computer issues and crashes in the last couple of years, but I was wary of switching at such a late stage multiple projects over to Adobe Premiere Pro — that would have been my preference in the last two years.Canon Cinema EOS — C100/C300/C500Image via B&H.Canon’s line of cinema cameras, the C100, C300 and C500, had a very strong showing at SXSW this year. From our samples, the three combined together would easily be the festival favorite — which should be no surprise to those familiar with the line’s modular, portable, and adaptable family of cameras, lenses, and accessories.Filmmaker Adam Roffman and cinematographer Nathaniel Hansen were some of many filmmakers to use the C300, along with some notably innovative production techniques, which you can read more about here.We shot THE COLLECTION on a Canon C300. The one sort of DIY rig we did on the film was a tracking shot we did of a large group of printing blocks on the floor. We suspended some dolly track on two C-Stands and shot down at the blocks from above using the track. Attached pic of my cinematographer, Nathaniel Hansen, doing a test run with it during filming.As always, Canon was a big player in the indie filmmaker community. Of the filmmakers we polled, 30.8 percent of filmmakers used some form of Canon camera. Here are the final Canon numbers from our SXSW survey:Canon 1DC: 1Canon 5D: 8Canon 7D: 1C100: 3C300: 4C500: 3Canon XA-10s: 2Canon XC-10: 1 Sony a7SSimilar to the Canon 5D, the Sony a7S was a popular choice for the many short and documentary filmmakers at SXSW for its compact size and versatility. Sony’s mirrorless 4k offering was a hit with filmmakers looking to pack a punch on a budget. According to Matthew Salleh, director of Barbecue, working with the camera’s full-frame sensor was a major factor in choosing the a7S:We filmed on the Sony a7s. The a7s is a remarkable camera. It’s small and versatile, and allows you to get into tight spaces. It’s also not an intimidating camera to walk into a room with. Being a smaller DSLR, we were also able to bring two with us wherever we went — having a backup is nice when you’re a thousand miles off the beaten track in Mongolia.We wanted to produce big screen, cinematic images. We used an Atomos Shogun to capture the film in 4K. We also had a slew of Canon lenses that we took everywhere. The a7s’s full frame sensor helped give a look that I find Super 35mm can’t achieve — particularly a shallower depth of field for portraits filmed with a wider point of view. That need for a full frame censor knocks out almost every camera from consideration, including the Arris, FS7, C500 — none of them could achieve that full frame look I was after.The greatest advantage the a7s offered us was the ability to shoot the film in natural light. We didn’t have a single film light with us during production. There’s nothing worse than a filmmaker taking over someone’s house, putting up giant lights and shining them into people’s eyes. There’s nothing ‘natural’ about that. The natural light of an environment tells a story about how people live their lives, and I wanted to show that contrast between countries with changes in light. The a7s was the only camera that could do that.Here’s Salleh’s camera setup (and beer of choice). Cameras Used at SXSW 2017Overall, SXSW offered a surprising diversity of cameras and lenses. This may be a testament to both the festival’s diverse offerings in terms of film styles and budgets as well as the diverse quality of digital cameras currently available on the market. Here are the other notable cameras used.GH4: 1BlackMagic Ursa Mini: 1DJI Zenmuse X5: 1Abstained/Unknown: 5 Sony PMW-EX3One of the more surprising cameras that popped up on in our sample was the Sony PMW-EX3, which was the camera of choice for Director of Photography Arturo Santamaria on his film The Work, which took home the top prize in the Documentary Feature competition. Sony also had a strong showing with its cinema cameras like the FS7 and FS5.After auditioning several cameras ranging from 4k to Prosumer, I decided that the Sony EX3 was our best bet at the time.  Its biggest attribute was the use of two 32 GB card slots, which gave us approximately 4 hours of continuous filming. We used two Sony EX3s while in production.I also wanted to shoot wide open so a Fujinon lens adaptor, which converts the camera’s mount from ½’’ to a 2/3’’ was a major plus in helping me shoot from any corner in the room. The adaptor allowed me to use Fujinon glass zoom lenses (7.6mm-167mm) which gave me the 1.8 t-stop I needed to apply in order to capture the group’s dynamic and discussion tempo.Although I was very impressed with the camera’s 3 Exmor CMOS sensor, its limited ISO settings compared to other cameras was a concern because we were shooting in low light. Due to the restrictions on what equipment was allowed in the prison and time limitations to pre-rig our lighting I decided to hang eight 3 foot china balls with 200 watt tungsten bulbs. We rigged a temporary metal cable grid that supported all of our lighting from above. This provided us with soft and even lighting that didn’t need any adjustments during production.Sony tied Canon bodies in our survey, at 30.8 percent. Here are the final Sony numbers from our SXSW survey:Sony a6300: 1Sony a7S: 4Sony a7R: 1Sony Ex-1: 1Sony EX3: 2Sony FS5: 1Sony FS7: 3Sony F55: 2 RED DRAGONRED once again had a strong across-the-board showing with the higher-end and bigger production projects including narrative features, documentaries, and music videos. The RED DRAGON stood out in our sample for its dynamic range and high frame rate options. We chatted with director Justin Harding about his narrative short film, which screened in the Midnight Shorts program.For our film “Kookie” we shot with two RED DRAGON Cameras with a set of Canon Cinema Primes. We also used the DJI Inspire Drone with the DJI Zenmuse X5 Camera. For fluid movement we went with the Movi freefly. We also used a GoPro to capture a single shot from inside a cookie jar and a BlackMagic 4K production Camera for a visual effect element that were captured against green screen. The film was edited using Raw r3d files in FCPX and all effects were created in After Effects.You can view a behind the scenes video of our shoot at the link below.RED cameras polled at 11.5 percent in our survey. Here are the RED cameras used in SXSW films.RED Dragon: 4RED One MX: 1RED Epic: 4 Which camera and lenses do you prefer? Let us know in the comments. ARRI AlexaImage via Wikipedia.After a strong showing at the 2017 Oscars, it should be of no surprise that the ARRI Alexa was a popular pick for many of the narrative spotlight and narrative features in competition at SXSW. The most popular lens paired with the powerful Alexa, as with the case of the filmmakers of Walking Out, were Panavision, “both anamorphic lenses and Panavision spherical lenses.”As is the case with many of the SXSW films trying new and innovative techniques, the filmmakers of Satan Said Dance had to come up with new ways to work with the camera and make use of some interesting screen ratios.Satan Said Dance was shot on ARRI Alexa, no perks, but you may find it interesting that the screen ratio for the film is 1:1, square, and as far as editing goes, the film has no cause and effect structure, succession. The scenes can be put in alternative order and the story will work in any combination. There will be a mobile app premiere next week, ahead of the SXSW screenings, with more info and possibility to arrange your own version of the story.ARRI Alexa MiniThe Alexa Mini was just as popular as the ARRI Alexa — taken together, they came close to the numbers of the Canon cinema line and REDs (more on that below). ARRI’s mini offering proved to be the more versatile and, obviously, compact option for some of the ambitious narrative shorts like filmmaker Joe Talbot’s American Paradise.American Paradise was shot on the ARRI Alexa Mini w Zeiss Master Anamorphic lenses. Anamorphics tend to warp around the edges (see Rick Alverson’s Entertainment, which our DP also shot). And that look works well for many films, but given our movie was already pretty strange, we were worried our film might start to look like a funhouse. We were excited to find these Zeiss Masters, which remarkably produced no distortion. We were moving very fast on set (up to 4 company moves a day), so our G&E and art department did heroes work in a very short period of time.According to our survey, 15.4 percent used ARRI cameras. Here are the results from the SXSW poll.ARRI 416: 2ARRI Alexa Mini: 5ARRI Alexa: 4ARRI Amira: 2ARRI Monochrome Alexa: 1last_img read more

ED attaches ₹67-cr. worth assets in Manesar land scam case

first_imgThe Enforcement Directorate (ED) has attached assets worth about ₹67 crore in connection with the Manesar land acquisition scam in Haryana.The properties include 14.56 acres in Gurugram belonging to Mahamaya Exports Private Limited, besides four acres and bank balances of other accused persons. The ED had made an attachment worth Rs.42.19 crore in December last.The money laundering case is based on an FIR registered by the police in August 2015. The CBI later took over the case and filed a charge sheet against former Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda and 33 others.According to the probe agencies, the State government issued notifications in 2004 and 2005 for acquisition of land measuring 912 acres to set up an industrial model township.It is alleged that the farmers and landowners of Manesar villages in Naurangpur and Lakhnaula were compelled to sell about 400 acres to private builders at throwaway prices under the threat of acquisition. This allegedly caused a loss of about Rs.1,500 crore to them.According to the ED, ABW Infrastructure and its group entities allegedly bought most of the land in question. As alleged, it got licences for residential, commercial and group housing projects in connivance with government officials.The ED has also alleged that ABW sold some licences at high rates and earned “undue” profits. The group companies entered into “false” land sale agreements with different entities to conceal the income and avoid tax.The agreements were later cancelled, false cancellation-cum-settlement agreements prepared and amounts to the extent of six to seven times of the sum as per the agreements-to-sell were shown to have been paid to these entities in compensation for cancelling them.The compensation was credited to the bank accounts of these entities and taken back in cash, the ED has said.last_img read more

London Olympics: Overwhelming response to participation of women athletes from Qatar, Brunei and Saudi Arabia

first_imgThe London Olympics have been path-breaking on a very special front, though one should not go by the results they achieved in the international arena. In the lead-up to the Games, there was a major controversy over the participation of women athletes from Qatar, Brunei, Saudi Arabia and even Afghanistan. But now that token participation has been registered, the positive reactions from the sporting fraternity are huge.On Wednesday, when 19-year-old Saudi woman runner Sarah Attar competed in the 800m heats, she finished last. Sarah’s timing was two minutes 44.95 seconds, but the applause she got was overwhelming. Her dress was pretty unconventional for an athletics arena, where instead of the usual shorts and T-shirt she was fully covered.But what caught the eye most was her white hijab — the scarf that covered her hair. Irrespective of the timing Sarah clocked, she has already created a new record by becoming the first Saudi woman athlete to run on the track at the Olympics.Agreed, she did not make it to the Olympics through a proper qualification, but the world wanted participation from the Saudi women and London has succeeded in it. Before Sarah, Saudi judoka Wodjan Ali Seraj had taken part as well and has now returned home.For the western world, the participation of these athletes is viewed as some sort of liberation, though nothing changes for them at home as the laws are very strict. In fact, Sarah avoided the large posse of media and very few people got short bytes from her.advertisement”It is such an honour to be representing Saudi Arabia. Hopefully, this can make such a huge difference,” she told BBC. “It was such a unique opportunity. They (IOC) invited me and welcomed me to make that first step for women. It’s just the most amazing feeling ever.”The London Olympics also marks the first occasion when women athletes from Qatar and Brunei have competed.In addition, there is also a sprinter from Afghanistan. “This means a lot for me and my country,” said sprinter Tahmina Kohistani. “There were a lot of people who were trying to stop me from training, but I am here. I know winning a medal at the Olympics is very difficult, but I am here to open a new way for the women of Afghanistan because in my society there is no sport for females.”Kohistani also said that as a flag-bearer for women’s sport in her country, she has support from other girls. “I think there are a lot of girls who are praying for me. When I go back home, I’m going to tell all the girls to come and follow me,” she said.Journalists from the Arab world have, however, reported about these path-breakers very cautiously. In countries such as Brunei and Saudi Arabia, everything is monitored and they do not want to sound too excited.One journalist not wanting to be identified told Mail Today, “In Saudi Arabia, women do not have so many rights. Participation in the Olympics is fine but when they go back, they face the same kind of restrictions. To imagine that one race or one judo bout is going to change their lives is laughable.”According to Animul Islam, a Qatar-based journalist, “The Arab culture has become a little open about women’s participation in sports. At least, that’s what is seen in Qatar. But while Qatar has been a little moderate, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are a bit hesitant. There are lot of talented women sportspersons in the Gulf. Only a broader outlook by these nations will be a boost to women’s participation.”last_img read more

As Gilas tries to gather players for practice, Andray Blatche gets used to new system

first_img“I’m very concerned, because can you imagine, the only time we’ll see them compete [as a unit] is in the games itself,” Guiao told reporters on Tuesday, shortly after the team’s second straight practice at Meralco Gym. “[T]hat’s a big concern.”Though for Guiao, there’s still something to be optimistic about ahead of their matches on Feb. 22 and 24.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSUrgent reply from Philippine ‍football chiefSPORTSPalace wants Cayetano’s PHISGOC Foundation probed over corruption chargesFor starters, Andray Blatche is back in the fold.“We are getting there,” he told reporters on Tuesday. “We are getting better chemistry, as Andray is getting more familiar with the plays.” Trending Articles PLAY LIST 00:50Trending Articles00:50Trending Articles00:50Trending Articles02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games02:11Trump awards medals to Jon Voight, Alison Krauss View comments ‘We are too hospitable,’ says Sotto amid SEA Games woes Carl Bryan Cruz comes to the rescue of ailing Aces And aside from the naturalized big man visibly fitter than the last time he played for the country, Guiao said Blatche is acclimating well with the team—one that is comprised of new teammates and is implementing a totally different system.“I think he’s very comfortable with the plays now. We are trying to keep everything simple,” Guiao said of Blatche, who had been a fixture in the many iterations of Chot Reyes’ national team.“His offense is more of going off-instinct, you know,” Blatche said of his new coach. “[You] just got to be in the right spots at times and then after that, you just play basketball.”“You know this is I think my third day here where I’m going over offense every day. So it’s coming to me easy,” he added.“It’s like clockwork because I know what guys on this court are capable of doing and I know which guys are shooters, which guys are the slashers,” Blatche said. “His offense, like I said, is based off just knowing your teammate and knowing what they’re gonna do next and instinct. And that actually works out in my favor.”ADVERTISEMENT Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Grace Poe files bill to protect govt teachers from malicious accusations Oil plant explodes in Pampanga town MOST READcenter_img Private companies step in to help SEA Games hosting SEA Games hosting troubles anger Duterte US judge bars Trump’s health insurance rule for immigrants Andray Blatche practices with Gilas Pilipinas. Photo by Mark Giongco/INQUIRER.betNational coach Yeng Guiao and Gilas Pilipinas are looking at two must-win road games against Qatar and Kazakhstan in the Fiba Asia World Cup qualifying round.And to add to their worries, they are again dealing with player availability during practices.ADVERTISEMENT LATEST STORIES PDEA chief backs Robredo in revealing ‘discoveries’ on drug war Guiao also noted that Blatche is on borrowed time with the Philippine quintet as he is still professionally committed to the Tianjin Golden Lions in the Chinese Basketball Association. Blatche is due to return to China on Feb. 11 and stay there until the Feb. 16.“His time here is so short, and the other players are limited as well as they still have to contend with the PBA schedule,” Guiao added.Guiao had been trying to curb the training limitations by having Blatche join Rain or Shine and NLEX’s respective practice sessions.The Nationals were supposed to lock horns Alab Pilipinas in a tune-up game Tuesday night in a bid to further work around the constraints, but the plan fizzled out.“We just have to work with the limitations,” Guiao said.“Everybody knows the importance of these next two games. I know all my teammates know how bad we need this next win. So it’s a do-or-die for us,” Blatche said.“I know we’re going to give our all and leave everything on the court and come home with the two wins.”Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next ‘We are too hospitable,’ says Sotto amid SEA Games woeslast_img read more

Here they are empty next to the other pieces in th

first_imgHere they are empty next to the other pieces in the storage area, awaiting the return of the retrospective.(Photos by Sue Kirsch, text by Shannon Mackenzie) Installed on wheels, the shelves were finalized in the metal shop and then transported to the storage area.Driven to the East Crescent Keystone from the Metal Studio, the shelves were moved into the storage unit by Joel, Tristan, Eric, and David from the Construction team. January 31, 2018In preparation for the return of “Repositioning Paolo Soleri: the City is Nature” from the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, the archives and metal departments have collaborated to design and build custom shelving to safely store some of the larger architectural models.Here, Jona and Tristan work together to construct the first vertical piece of the shelves.last_img read more

Ericsson has renamed its Business Unit Multimedia