Calls mounting for the removal of Georgetown Mayor, Town Clerk

first_imgMembers of the Movement Against Parking Meters (MAPM) took the streets on Thursday to observe a silent protest, in light of the No-Confidence Motion that was disallowed by Mayor Patricia Chase Green earlier this week.Initially, the motion which was filed by former Deputy Mayor Sherod Duncan against Town Clerk Royston King, was disallowed by Mayor Chase Green at a statutory meeting held on Monday, although it was scheduled to be discussed.Evidently, this had raised some concerns of members of the MAPM who questioned the ability of the Town Clerk to perform his duties and their disapprovalSome of the protesters holding placards calling for the removal of Mayor Patricia Chase Green and Town Clerk Royston Kingof some of the decisions taken by Mayor Chase Green.As such, the citizens have decided to raise their voices in support of the Duncan’s motion. The protest was an hour long, conducted on Regent Street, opposite City Hall and saw approximately 30 persons holding placards with slogans calling for the removal of the Mayor and Town Clerk.One of the protesters, Alana King stated, “The bottom line is we have no confidence in the Mayor or the Town Clerk. We would like to have the Town Clerk removed from his position.”She later stated that the behaviour displayed at City Hall by the Mayor and the Town Clerk is very disturbing to the citizens and those in attendance. There are cases when decisions taken by King were not consulted with the Council. As such, she believes that there must be accountability and the Mayor should be held responsible, adding “She [the Mayor] is condoning his actions.”“The evidence is before us that the Town Clerk’s actions in the recent months…I’m floored as a citizen by his actions,” King added.While majority of the council has approved of Royston King as the Town Clerk, the MAPM members still believe that King is incapable of performing his said duties and disapprove some of the decisions that were taken by him and Mayor Chase Green.Another member of the MAPM, Don Singh, who also spoke to Guyana Times, stated the duo must be removed because of the mismanagement of monies that the Council obtains and the use of the revenues for personal objectives.“If you were here on Monday, you would’ve seen them [the Councillors] orchestrate the Town Clerk’s defence and was then adapted by the Council within about 10 seconds,” he stated.Singh highlighted that despite the fact that the City Hall building needs to be renovated, $57 million worth of office equipment was purchased for the Town Clerk’s office. Fees for various services are constantly being raised by the Council.“They use Georgetown as their personal piggy-bank. They take what they want. Last week’s budget was passed with 10 Councillors and not even a proper quorum,” he stated.Meanwhile, later that day was the election at City Hall, which they believe was pre-determined and the Mayor will win again. Singh presumed that Lionel Jaikaran, who is in favour of the motion, will not be elected but Akeem Peter will.“We don’t have democracy. Everything is preordained and set-up from the get-go,” he added.As expected, Mayor Chase Green won the elections and Akeem Peter was appointed as the Deputy Mayor. However, they have pledged “to do their best to have her removed” from City Hall.Nevertheless, when asked if the protest will continue, the protesters noted that with the upcoming Local Government Elections in a few months, they will not stop until results are evident calling the leadership at City Hall “an undeniable fracas being unleashed on the poor citizens of Georgetown.”last_img read more