SC Villa elections slated for 24th August

first_imgMisaga I the current President of VillaAfter months of waiting, a date for the SC Villa elections has been set.This was during a press conference in which the current President Ben Misaga addressed the general public and made the long awaited announcement.“Let me first thank all those that managed to start SC Villa and ensure its existence like the late Patrick Kawooya, Franko Mugabe and all his mates that he was working with at the time because they laid a stable foundation that our club thrives on, said Misaga.“I have lived to witness voting on three occasions at Villa, Kawooya was voted for at Villa Park and then Franko Mugabe the first time and second and of course me at Namboole.“But due to the fact that many thought i was young, they refused to announce me the winner yet i was unopposed.“So in the history of Villa, me, Mugabe and Kawooya are the only ones that have officially been Presidents because in the club’s culture, the leader is just voted-in.“All those interim have been there to help.“The most important thing in all, Villa is the fountain of Ugandan football. Everyone revolves around us to see how leadership in a particular club should be conducted, continued Misaga.“All those other clubs like KCCA don’t vote their leaders and just appoint.“Do not know why FUFA always tells Villa that it is supposed to vote but i guess that should not be our issue, it shows that the club is stable and everyone is looking out for its elections but what we will not allow is to run under interim management, we have to follow the constitution of the club.“I was also not there when it was drawn. It was drawn when i was still in Lusaka-Zambia and when i came, it was the only precious thing that Villa gave me in my Presidency.“On that note, basing on the rule in our constitution, article 39, as the leader of the club, i have authority to name Mr. Ivan Kakembo as interim CEO, Sarah Adong the spokesperson and also a committee that is going to over-see the elections like under article 24 stipulates.“It will be led by Mrs. Evelyn Asimwe, her Vice is Hon. Sarah Babirye Kityo, Musa Mirunda, Ivan Kakembo like FUFA’s rule says that the CEO is supposed to be on this particular committee and he is and Sarah Adong the spokesman.“I have also appointed an appeals committee which will be chaired by council Robert Kagolo.“It will Ronnie Mutebi as a member and Charles “Gaza Man” Kodili as its Spokesman.“The committee should ensure that they work under the rules of the club, ensure that all the voting rules are put into consideration, strictly following that the particular deadlines are met, letting all members of the Congress (club Perliament) and Public know about proceedings, ensure proper co-ordination with all related partners and to revise the list of individuals who are to vote and certaining it.Misaga also enlighten about the personnel that can stand for election.“Every person who wishes to stand for any post must have a seasonal membership card for the club that runs from the past season.“I personally will be standing for Villa presidency.On the date of elections, he had this to say.“Elections will take place on the 24th of August at 10:00am at Royal Gardens in Masaka.“What i argue FUFA is that they should ensure that the people they bring to stand don’t break our constitution’s rules and regulations and also not force Villa to run under interim because all that we want is equality and tranquillity in these elections.“I ask everyone to campaign basing on truth and also the voters to vote for someone who will take the club forward not make it stagnate.The program of the whole process was also tabled.-11th-15th June. Reviewing the members of SC Villa.-24th June. Looking at how the voting process will run basing on the rules guiding the club.-24th of June throughout the month. Allowing members to second all those who want to stand for election.-2nd-6th July. Handing nomination forms to all those that may have gone throw the vetting process successfully and ensuring that each person standing is very much capable of being a leader of the club, not someone who will shame the institution.-16th-20th July. All the successful applicants bring back nomination forms.-24th July, Letting the public know who has successfully been approved to stand for the Presidency.-30th July-3rd August. Printing posters of those that have successfully stood for the Presidency and also drawing of ballots.24th August. Election Day at Masaka Recreation Garden.Comments Tags: Ben MisagaSC Villatoplast_img read more

Ex-Baseball Hall of Fame president coming to Bay Area for book featuring Rickey Henderson

first_imgThe past and future of Oakland baseball will come together this week at a pair of book signings featuring two well-known fans of the game.Former Baseball Hall of Fame president Jeff Idelson and author/photographer Jean Fruth will present Fruth’s new book, Grassroots Baseball: Where Legends Begin, which features more than 250 images of amateur ball from the US and across the world.Each chapter of the book also begins with a first-person essay from one of the game’s giants, revisiting his start …last_img read more

Ostrich chases cyclists in Cape Town

first_imgCyclists training for the prestigious Cape Town Cycle Tour were joined by a speeding ostrich. Oleksiy Mishchenko captured the precious footage on his head cam. The clip has gone viral globally and has received over a million views on YouTube already. Cyclists training on Cape Town’s roads are joined by an ostrich on 5 March 2016. (Image: Screengrab via Youtube, Oleksiy Mishchenko, Viralhog) • Tourists watch as buffalo burst tyre to chase lions away  • Crowdsourcing the Serengeti: citizen scientists classify millions of photos online  • When on an African safari, lock your doors  • Cyclists tour and train in South Africa’s green oasis • Sanlam Cape Town Marathon goes silver Priya PitamberWhen a group of cyclists took to the streets of the Mother City to train for the Cape Town Cycle Tour, held on 6 March, they saw more than they bargained for when an ostrich decided to join them.Filmed by cyclist Oleksiy Mishchenko on 5 March, equipped with a head cam, the footage has already gone viral and has racked up over a million views on YouTube.“The road by the ocean side was quiet and a little deserted,” described Mishchenko about the road conditions.He spotted the ostrich, which gave chase to his friends. He admitted he was scared at first, but then he thought he was going to fall off his bike with laughter.“The ostrich didn’t have any problem to keep up at 50km/h and apparently they do 70km/h with no sweat,” he wrote.“Luckily the creature decided to leave us alone, as we were running out of road.”Watch the hilarious clip:Canadian Cycling Magazine noted this was not the first time animals and cyclists had met on the road. “At last year’s Tour de France, Warren Barguil of Giant-Alpecin was one of several cyclists who threaded through the unanticipated obstacle of a herd of cows,” its website reads “Horses, too, have proven themselves avid followers of the pro peloton – literally, like at the Tour de Suisse or the 1997 Critérium International.”Amused viewers tweeted their comments:Ostrich thinks he’s a cyclist! He just wants to be one of the gang.. #ConfusedIdentity #OnlyInSA #LoveSouthAfrica— Riverlodge Cape Town (@CapeRiverlodge) March 7, 2016 The ostrich was angry because the cyclist cut it off a few kilometers back #TheProjectTV— #TheProjectTV (@theprojecttv) March 7, 2016 I just watched a video of an ostrich chasing a cyclist.. I cry laughed— Stacey (@_staceystewart) March 6, 2016 #Cyclist chased by #Ostrich! That would certainly make me pedal faster!— Lucy (@lil_lucy_d) March 5, 2016last_img read more

Designs on the past

first_imgEven before I actually saw the Park’s LEED Gold certified ‘7-star contemporary space’ in Hyderabad, I was overwhelmed. Names of designers were flying out of everywhere: Tarun Tahilliani, Rohit Bal, Subodh Gupta & Bharti Kher, Jean Francois Lesage, Rajiv Saini, Manish Arora and more. Radical rooms, stunning pool, edgy design, I had heard so many things about this space that I wondered if it will be the case of too much hype.Stunning spacesNot so, it turns out. I stared unbelievingly at what looked, from one angle, like floors of metal just thrown on top of each other in a casual fashion. Glass acted as gems on this metal necklace that expanded into the sky in front of me–an arresting, even overwhelming, sight. The fact that it is surrounded by fairly innocuous buildings and comes suddenly into view adds to the drama of the facade of The Park Hyderabad.Inside, design continues to dominate. The elevators are kept dark, almost blindingly so, to enhance the experience when you step in to the hotel lobby. What you see is an airy, open space, with a glass wall separating the lobby and Aqua, the poolside bar. Each chandelier in the lobby is a piece of art, each corridor demands attention. There are some five types of stylised chairs. It’s too much to take in at once.The pool is one of the centrepieces of the hotel, being an infinity edge pool, and it seems to be falling right into the Hussain Sagar, spread in front of the hotel. The pool’s going to take on a more dramatic role once the nightclub right below opens, and clubbers can see people swimming above. In case you are wondering, like me, why people will be swimming in the night–the hotel will hire swimmers especially for the effect! Unfortunately it is not yet ready for me to see, as a lot of other things. The Oriental restaurant, for one, which promises to be worth a visit.Corridors of glass lead me to another set of elevators that are surprisingly creaky for such a sleek hotel, and I go up my room to witness yet another example of smart design. I draw back the curtain and see the lake spread in front. A railway station adds quaintness to my picture window and I sink into my plush bed happily. The way the room is designed it seems, rather oddly, that the wardrobe is inside the bathroom. The best part, however, is the view from the room. That, and a new local sweet I am offered each day, instead of the regular chocolate.Sip and biteI step outside my room to take a walk around and find myself engulfed in perfumes of different sorts at each floor, each lobby area. Not being tolerant of strong perfume I find this is a nuisance, but clearly it is someone’s effort to make the hotel a complete sensory experience. As it happens, I end up with a headache, complaining about perfume to all and sundry and on my next venture out I find these to be, mercifully, subdued.I head to Aish, the Andhra food restaurant designed by Tarun Tahilliani. As you would expect, the restaurant’s decor is ethnic chic but it is no different from so many of such spaces we see nowadays. I am disappointed by the design, which is good without being dramatic. The food, however, is the whole point of visiting Aish, and I enjoy a four course meal of Hyderabadi dishes, including popular delicacies such as Kachche Gosht Ki Biryani and Double Ka Meetha. There is a lot to choose from and everything I tasted was delicious. There is an interestingly designed (of course) wine menu but unfortunately none of the wines I wanted to try was available by the glass. I much preferred the design of the all-day dining area Verandah, which has cheerful jaali work that lends the decor an openness without compromising on the designer factor. This and Sicca Bar next door, both done by Conran & Partners, are the two winners in terms of design for me. I eat the world’s best pancakes, light like air, at the Sunday brunch and prefer to eat my meals at Verandah rather than the swish Aish. Rest and UnwindThe Aura Spa is not ready but if the massage (in a room that functions as the spa) I tried is anything to go by, this one’s going to be a beauty. Crystal Therapy is your god old hot stone massage with polished gemstones, which is supposed to balance the chakras but only if you do several of them in a row. I was happy with round one though, the therapist was clearly an expert and it was as good a massage as anyone would expect. When Aura opens, the whole experience should get only better with all the spa frills thrown in. One person who deserves mention is Dr Harish, the spa manager, a sort of manager-at-large at the hotel. He took care of everything from my perfume complains, to my queries on food, decor, hotel and anything else. It’s people like him who make your stay at a hotel personalised and memorable. Dr Harish insisted that I try an ‘in room bath’; the khus khus and henna bath I opted for turned out to be well worth it–I could literally feel my tired muscles relax and it sent me into the sweetest sleep I have had in some time. It’s another matter that it was also time to head home and I almost missed the flight thanks to that!The Park Hyderabad; tel: (040) 2345 6789; ReviewThe Gateway Kozhikode”A few curry leaves. Two green chillies. A generous helping of that masala you have in your hands now and the most delicious chicken curry in the world is ready.” I smile at the speaker, an earnest store manager who has taken time off from his busy schedule to help me buy spices and condiments I can take back home from Kozhikode, erstwhile Calicut. Such is the hospitality I have been enjoying since my arrival at The Gateway Hotel–attention that goes beyond the premises of the hotel. I thank him profusely as I walk away triumphantly with a bag full of whole spices (fragrant cardamoms, cinnamon sticks, bay leaves, mace and all the works), prawn pickles, podis and poppadoms. Back in the comfort of my spacious, carpet-free (thank heavens for that!) Logan Suite I revel in the purchases before turning my attention to the deafening sound of the rain beating down on this colourful port, where Vasco da Gama dropped anchor in the 15th century. Rain plays spoilsport through my two-night stay at The Gateway Hotel, located a few minutes from the beach. I stick to my room mostly, except for two daily appointments at the spa. A team of doctors sweet-talk me into attending yoga sessions in the mornings. They also reward me for my newfound self-discipline with some ayurvedic treatments. At The Gateway Hotel in Kozhikode, ayurveda is more than just a relaxing oil massage. The Malayali-accented English my elderly massuese speaks in, is as gentle as the headbath she gives me after each session. When I emerge a new, invigorated self from the spa, there is some amazing food to tuck into. I am lucky to be offered samplers from a traditional sadya meal from an engagement ceremony the hotel is hosting. Or else there is some soul-satisfying Malabari Biryani, parottas and khorma or the healthy ayurvedic apple souffle from the special menu.The Gateway Hotel Beach Road, Kozhikode; tel: (0495) 276 5354; SenguptaCourtyard by MarriottMumbai International AirportFour-star hotels have a tough task in India. The moment you pay upwards of Rs. 6,000 a night room rate, you expect discreet service, multiple dining options, spa, internet, aesthetic decor, the works. But then what separates four from a five-star? Courtyard is a brand known worldwide for smart and basic hotels, for the fleeting visit of a business traveller, but here in India, the smart is smarter and the basic is not so basic after all. So when Courtyard by Marriott launched in Mumbai recently, I would say they would have faced an identity crisis. Keeping that challenge in mind, I think this business hotel by the Marriott group has achieved the right balance. It provides ‘basic’ levels of luxury and comfort to the traveller pampered by Indian hospitality and makes for a simple stay option without being totally no-frills. How does the Courtyard achieves this? It has discreet service that almost matches the level of a five-star, but instead of multiple food option it has only two. World cuisine is available at MoMo cafÅ (which does not serve momos, though you’d be forgiven for assuming so) and Oriental, that cuisine we Indians cannot live without, at Red Zen. Both restaurants score on dÅcor: the cafe is airy and bright while Red Zen is more intimate with enclosed areas for additional privacy. The food is not of gourmet levels but try various streetfood delicacies from Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia at Red Zen and you will come away satisfied.For the business traveller and corporate events, there are seven meeting rooms of all shapes and sizes, many of them occupied and busy when I visited, even though the hotel is so new. Of course, these are all fully equipped for meetings or events; and for exclusive meetings there is a lounge on the top floor that can be accessed if you stay at the higher category suites. There is no spa or salon, but plans are afoot to add this luxury that has become as common as the bathroom at every hotel these days. The rooms are not short of five-star standard–my Junior Suite was lovely and spacious, more like a studio and much larger than you’d expect of a business hotel. There are small intangibles that remind you that this is not a five-star hotel: there is no DVD list, the lifts don’t have a sensor, the check-in is not as quick as you’d want, but the effort that Courtyard has made to fit into the Indian scene is commendable. You pay slightly high four-star prices and you get what I can only call four-and-a-half star service. Good enough, I’d say.Tel: (022) 6136 9999; prasherSheraton UdaipurPassing through the massive triple arch that marks the main entrance of the Udaipur Sheraton Palace Resort and Spa, I enter a marble chessboard terrace. Rather simply named, Aangan, it’s a great spot to sip champagne as you observe the changing moods and colours of the lake at sunset. The 240-room resort, a fairytale white, sits right by the Fateh Sagar Lake. The plush deluxe suite we check into, one of seven, is spacious and contemporary with Rajasthani accents. Large windows offer lovely views of the terrace, landscaped gardens and the pool. Feeling a bit peckish, we order a classic Margherita pizza, which is delicious. Dinner is at Rudra. This Jain restaurant interestingly marries vegetarian food to local cuisine with a few surprises thrown in. We drool over the Achari Ker Sangri (the chef’s interpretation of the Rajasthani classic, Ker Sangri).There are plans to transform the smaller dome into a Club Lounge. The young could find nirvana at the poolside watering hole, H2O, which will be revved up with a dance floor.Sheraton Udaipur Palace Resort & Spa; tel: (0294) 305 0000-Vandana malhotraNewsZuri’s new resort in SikkimZuri Hotels & Resorts has opened its seventh property in India at Baiguney in Sikkim. The Retreat by Zuri, is more like an adventure sports destination and it will offer interesting options such as pargliding, river rafting, river camping, mountain camping, jungle hiking, village trekking and so on. The setting of the resort is picturesque. Located in the Himalayan foothills, it has River Rangit flowing alongside. It has a multi-cuisine lounge Papillon Cafe & Lounge, the Citrus Bar and the pool cafe Blue Lagoon. The hotel also has a spa. For more information, visit www.thezurihotels.comFalaknuma palace turns into Taj hotelAfter ten years of extensive renovation, the former residence of Nizam Mehboob Ali Khan of Hyderabad has opened as a Taj hotel. The palace has 60 rooms and suites including a Grand Presidential suite, two restaurants serving Italian and Mediterranean cuisine and Indian cuisine, an outdoor pool and a spa. The Dining Hall here has the world’s largest dining table that can seat 101 people. For more information, visit www.tajhotels.comGinger hotel opens in ChennaiThe Ginger hotel group has opened their first hotel in Tamil Nadu at IITM Research Park, next to IIT Madras campus. This 85-room budget hotel has a self check-in kiosk, meeting room and a gym. The hotel will soon have a food court serving local cuisines. The location of the hotel is perfect for business travellers as it only 10 km away from the airport. For more information, visit www.gingerhotels.comadvertisementadvertisementadvertisementlast_img read more

Education Ministry Focused on Violence Prevention

first_imgThe Ministry of Education is taking a more proactive approach to school violence by placing focus on prevention. This was disclosed by Chief Education Officer in the Ministry, Grace McLean, during a special Child Month edition of the Jamaica Information Service’s (JIS) Issues and Answers programme. She noted that while there are more than 800 guidance counsellors in the school system, along with deans of discipline, and some 200 school resource offices, “we have realised that there are so many issues that our students are being faced with, so we have to embark on more preventative approaches as against just reacting at the needs that may arise.” She told JIS News that the Ministry has embarked on an intensive training programme in basic investigative techniques, where deans of disciplines and counsellors are being equipped to respond to the needs of children. “I will say, though, we have to focus on getting our parents to play their part in ensuring that our children are prepared for school and the social challenges,” she stated. As part of the preventive approach, Mrs. McLean informed that the Ministry is seeking to modify its conflict management programme that was developed several years ago and implemented within the school system. “We are now looking back at this programme to see how we can provide some individual sessions for students; and there are many non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that are coming on board to provide support in that regard because we have found that our students are just not able to treat with conflicts and to deal with the emotional trauma,” the Chief Education Officer said. On May 15, Portfolio Minister, the Hon. Rev. Ronald Thwaites, tabled a Ministry Paper on a Behaviour Modification Programme. The programme seeks to address the challenges of anti-social behaviour by students in some educational institutions. Among the methods of intervention to be pursued is the engagement of a broad-based team consisting of representatives from the public and private sectors to design new strategies to deal with disruptive behaviours. A school-wide Behaviour Management System will also be developed and implemented in each school, with technical support from guidance and counselling education officers and territorial education officers. It will also include a school support team, consisting of school personnel, parents, representatives from the community, private sector, and state departments. Contact: Latonya Lintonlast_img read more