Key to productivity lies in keeping job satisfaction high

first_imgKey to productivity lies in keeping job satisfaction highOn 28 May 2002 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos. Previous Article Next Article As yet another economic study shows the UK continuing to lag seriouslybehind our major international competitors in the productivity stakes – thistime from the National Institute of Economic and Social Research – the need fora fundamental rethink as to how we organise and motivate people at work hasbecome an imperative. The odd enterprise or skills initiative here, or work-life balance programmethere is simply not going to address the scale of the problem. The HR functionhas a critical role to play in compelling colleagues to undertake and act onthis wholesale reappraisal. By the end of the century, the ‘religion’ of North American strategic HRMhad become all-pervasive. Strategic alignment, bottom- line contribution,boardroom presence and HR scorecards have become our new commandments. But where are we today? The CIPD has led the research agenda in the UK sincethe mid-1990s in demonstrating the business impact of HR practices. This workhas been synthesised in Performance through People, by Observer journalistSimon Caulkin, available on our website. The next instalment in the series, thefull results of a major piece of case-based research at Bath University intothe ‘hows’ of this relationship, will be published later this year. A less well-publicised but equally significant stream of CIPD research haslooked at British employee attitudes for the last six years. This annual studyexplores the state and importance of the ‘psychological contract’, taking intoaccount the views of over 2,000 employees across all sectors. When it comes to people: we are changeable, fickle and contrary in our viewsand opinions, as difficult to research as to manage. It is true the CIPDfindings are not quite as bad as some other recent attitude studies, althoughthey are consistent with, and have incorporated that contained in the WorkplaceEmployee Relations Study database. But this material should still make pretty sobering and essential readingfor any plc boardroom or Permanent Secretary. Overall levels of job satisfaction are generally positive and improving,helped by HR-inspired changes such as increases in formal communicationmechanisms and family-friendly practices. There is a great acceptance of theneed for change in pursuit of improved productivity. However, our researchshows that where change levels are highest, in practice dissatisfaction isstrongest. Only a third of us feel sufficiently involved and consulted over changesthat affect us in our work, while a minority think we share in the resulting benefitsto the employer. Only 24 per cent of staff, and just 12 per cent in centralgovernment, trust their senior management. Perhaps most damning of all, whenwork is forming such an increasingly significant chunk of our lives, only 26per cent of us are proud to tell other people who we work for. Roger Davis, CEO of Business Banking at Barclays, recently committed toimprove that figure for his own 9,000 staff to more than 75 per cent – and withgood reason. Links between HR policies and business success operate through the medium ofour people. But as the CIPD’s recent Reward Survey of 970 UK organisations concluded,paradoxically, with almost “too much emphasis placed on businessalignmentÉmany HR and reward systems do not succeed in motivating employees”.Professor Manfred Kets de Vries at INSEAD has written about the dangers oforganisational neuroses, of pushing apparently desirable virtues to theextreme, and the human cost of doing so. Now is the time for HR to helporganisations re-establish an appropriate and self-reinforcing balance betweenbusiness goals and results, and employee needs and motivations. This is, after all, hardly a novel realisation, or the latest HR fad. Duringthe last war, the Air Ministry’s Guidance Notes for Personnel Officers,reminded them of their duty, “to secure productive efficiency”, aswell as looking after the service personnel and their families. And almost acentury ago, Edward Cadbury was of the firm opinion that employee welfare andcompany productivity “are different sides of the same coin”. Duncan Brown is head of professional knowledge and information at theCIPD Comments are closed. last_img read more

Scaling of foraging radius and growth rate in petrels and albatrosses (Procellariiformes)

first_imgData are assembled from a number of sources on several species of Procellariiformes breeding on South Georgia, covering the amount, frequency and energetic content of feeds brought to the young, and flight speeds on foraging expeditions. The rate at which energy is delivered to the young is discussed in terms of “relative delivered power”, whose dependence on foraging radius is discussed. Species in the 3-5 kg range of body mass achieve the most relative delivered power for a given foraging radius, while very large and very small species are at a disadvantage, for different reasons. When due account is taken of the scaling of time, the largest and smallest species take twice as long to fledge as those of intermediate size. The methods of scaling delivered power, growth rate and fledging time are intended to be applicable to other groups of birds read more

Assistant / Associate Professor of Computer Science

first_imgJob SummaryThe TSYS School of Computer Science at Columbus State Universityinvites applications for a tenure-track, faculty position inComputer Science. The start date for this position is August 1,2021. Applicants with a background and/or interest in ArtificialIntelligence, Data Science, Cloud Computing and Enterprise (weband/or mainframe) Computing are preferred. Applicants withspecializations in other areas of Computer Science are alsoencourged to apply.The TSYS School of Computer Science offers the B.S. degree inComputer Science with tracks in Cybersecurity, Software Systems,Web Development, Enterprise Computing, Computer Science TeacherEducation, and Games Programming; the B.S. in InformationTechnology, the M.S. in Applied Computer Science, M.S. inCybersecurity Management, and a Computer Science TeacherEndorsement (Graduate) program. The B.S. in Computer Science hasbeen influenced by the ACM Computing Curricula and ABETaccreditation guidelines in support of regional needs. The graduateprograms, available online as well as on-campus, currently enrollover 100 students. The M.S. in Applied Computer Science was rankedthe No. 1 online master’s in computer science in 2016 State University is endorsed by the National SecurityAgency and the Department of Homeland Security as a Center ofAcademic Excellence (CAE) in Cyber Defense Education.The School is an academic unit of the Turner College of Business atColumbus State University. For more information about the school,see our web site at will include: delivering quality instruction inundergraduate and graduate courses; conducting research includingstudent mentoring, student advising, developing and coordinatinggrant proposals; participating in university and communityservices; and contributing to the research program of the School ofComputer Science.Required QualificationsCandidates are required to have an earned Ph.D. in Computer Scienceor a closely related field by the time of appointment (August 1,2021). The successful candidate will be expected to engage inpractices that support the University’s focus on student engagementand active learning.Required Documents to Attach Letter of ApplicationCurriculum VitaeUnofficial Transcripts (Official transcripts from allinstitutions attended must be received prior to an offer beingextended)Statement of Teaching PhilosophyContact information of three references with emails and currenttelephone numbers (will not be contacted without priornotification) Contact InformationIf you have any questions, please contact Dr. Shamim Khan, TSYSSchool of Computer Science, 4225 University Avenue, Columbus, GA31907; or via email to [email protected] of EmploymentA successful criminal background check will be required as acondition of employment.Please note: Visa sponsorship is not provided for thisposition.Special Applicant InstructionsReview of applications will begin February 15, 2021 and willcontinue until the position has been filled. Applications forpart-time and full-time faculty positions must include transcriptsof all academic work, and official transcripts must be presentedprior to campus visit if selected for interview. Applicants musthave the ability to meet Southern Association of Colleges andSchools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) requirements, inparticular a minimum of 18 graduate hours in the teachingdiscipline. Columbus State University is an AffirmativeAction/Equal Opportunity Employer, Committed to Diversity inHiring.All applications and required documents must be submitted usingColumbus State University’s online employment site and a completepacket must be submitted for full consideration. If applicable, anyinternational transcripts must be evaluated by an approved foreigncredential evaluator prior to submission.last_img read more

First Time Flying Above Ocean City

first_imgBy Ian CrowleyWhen most of us think of flying, we think of long lines, security checks, missing baggage, and sitting at a gate while your plane slowly gets more and more delayed. However, my recent experience with the Ocean City air show has completely changed my view.I’ve always enjoyed planes – looking at the newly released military F-35s and F-22s, starstruck at the amount of power they produce. We really are lucky to have such a strong military. But I’ve also always had a certain appreciation for smaller propeller-driven planes as well. My grandfather, Dick Ely, has owned many planes. My mother would always tell me stories of when she was a kid going to the Ocean City airport, hopping in my grandfather’s plane, and soon arriving at Disney.This Saturday, September 15, as I was taking a break from working the entrance gate to the airport with Boy Scout Troop 32, I decided to follow a set of signs reading “Airplane Rides.” Hoping it was a Cessna 172, a plane I one day hope to own, I was shocked when I reached my destination, but maybe not in the way you’d think. Red Baron Air Tours was offering private rides for $35 per person – a great deal.I approached the gate and was hoping that with a little luck, I could talk my way into being allowed to maneuver the little fixed-wing. However, if I was able to accomplish such a feat, I knew I wouldn’t be able to take pictures, so I recruited my good friend, Dominic Morrill, whose father is a pilot, and who also knows quite a bit about Cessna 172s.I’ve done a few Cessna flight simulators, and stepping into the cockpit made me feel surprisingly at home. I looked around and recognized fuel selectors, trim settings, avionics switches, and radio knobs. The second I put my headset on, I knew my prayers had been answered.Our pilot had been flying for a very long time and was very humble. As we sat on the taxiway, he cracked jokes and eased off the little bit of apprehension Dominic and I had about this flight. We got takeoff clearance, revved up the engine, and, in what seemed like a blink of an eye, we were off the ground. I was allowed to hold the yoke, the “steering wheel” of the plane, in which a 172 there are two.Panoramic views of the Ocean City coastline unfold from inside the Cessna 172 operated by Red Baron Air Tours.Maybe it was because we were having so much fun, but it seemed like only 25 seconds before we were at the tip of the island facing towards Longport. When we turned Southwest, I saw many of the iconic Ocean City attractions such as Gillian’s, Manco & Manco Pizza, the Bennie’s Bread stores, and the Ocean City Tabernacle. As our pilot adjusted the trim, I glanced to my right. There was the famous Red Baron bi-plane, and as we started heading back towards the airport, we slowed down and looped around as we watched the Baron land.Next up was our landing, and attached to this story you can see a video of how even through rough crosswinds, our pilot made the landing seem like riding a bike on freshly paved cement.We were lucky enough to get the last flight in the Cessna of the day, so we got some extra time up in the air, and it was amazing.I would like to thank the crew at Red Baron Air Tours for being so polite and kind and recommend that if you aren’t too scared of heights, you check their website out at A flight is a great gift to anyone, young or old, and is sure to bring out a smile on their face. Overall, I would definitely recommend everyone try an air tour, and I hope to see you all at next year’s Air Show!The aerial tour included stunning scenes of the ocean, the beaches and the bay all the way to the horizon.Editor’s Note: Ian Crowley is an Ocean City resident, a seventh-grade student at the Intermediate School, a Boy Scout and a valued regular contributor to Ian Crowley and Dominic Morrill pictured enjoying their adventure with Red Baron Air Tours, last Saturday.last_img read more

Press release: Operation CLAMPDOWN and licence blitz target illegal fishing

first_imgDilip Sarkar MBE, National Enforcement Manager with the Angling Trust said: For more information on the Voluntary Bailiff Service and the six free Fisheries Enforcement Workshops that will be held around England this autumn, please go to the Angling Trust’s website. This is our most successful Operation CLAMPDOWN yet, with a record number of volunteers trained and available and over 70 joint patrols with the Environment Agency or police. The VBS is now making a tangible contribution to tackling illegal fishing, which is welcomed by the Angling Trust and our partners. Environment Agency fisheries enforcement patrols continue all year round. Anyone tempted to fish illegally should know that they are likely to be challenged at any time of the day or night. With the support of our partners and the VBS there is an increased likelihood of being caught out – don’t risk it.center_img The close season campaign was supported by nearly 500 volunteers from the Voluntary Bailiff Service (VBS), whose ‘eyes and ears’ coverage on the riverbank is invaluable in supporting Environment Agency Fisheries Enforcement Officers.The volunteer bailiffs undertook 6555 man hours of patrols as part of Operation CLAMPDOWN 6, reporting 111 incidents to the Environment Agency and 34 to the police. A total of 77 intelligence logs were submitted to the Environment Agency and police.The latest national fishing licence blitz, covering the first two weekends of the new season, checked 1461 licences and reported 88 fishing illegally without a licence. Those found guilty of unlicensed fishing by the courts face a criminal conviction and a fine of up to £2500.Graeme Storey, Fisheries Manager, Environment Agency said: Enjoy fishing and make sure you fish legally Annual fishing licences from only £30 It’s easy to buy online. Get a Fishing Licence All fishing licence income is used to fund work to protect, improve and develop fisheries, fish habitat and angling. Go fishing – Find out about angling events, fisheries and venues so you can go fishinglast_img read more

Kudos appoints James Youngman as finance director

first_imgLeavening agents producer Kudos Blends has named James Youngman as the company’s first finance director.Youngman joined the business in 2016 as a chartered accountant and has strengthened the company’s financial management and governance during his time at the company, according to Kudos.The move comes as Kudos sets out plans for further growth and is currently undergoing a £1m expansion of facilities at its site in Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire, providing new packing lines, expansion of its test bakery and an additional warehouse.“He (Youngman) has brought rigour and professionalism to our financial regime, and has contributed strongly and creatively, developing and refining our expansion plans,” said Kudos Blends managing director Dinnie Jordan.“James is a complete all-rounder with a consistently positive approach, which is exactly what our company needs as it builds on the platform we have established from our base in Cleobury Mortimer.”last_img read more

Friends, family remember 2014 Notre Dame grad Hannah Turgeon

first_imgFriends and family were never far from Hannah Turgeon’s thoughts.She was the kind of person to always leave a gift, or note, just to show she cared. The kind to always make time for others. Observer File Photo Hannah Turgeon’s LinkedIn profile picture. Hannah won the Sr. Kathryn A. Haas Award for dorm service and leadership in 2014.“I can’t remember a time when you proposed something to do and she was like, ‘Okay, sure,’” Melanie Trivella, one of Hannah’s best friends and a fellow 2014 alumna, said. “She was always like, ‘Yeah, let’s do it!’”The kind who always saw the best in everyone.“She would always use at least three adjectives to describe everyone and everything, and they were usually superlatives,” Trivella said. “Everyone was the best and the prettiest and the smartest.”Hannah, a 2014 Notre Dame graduate, died in a hit-and-run accident Oct. 13 while in South Bend for the Notre Dame-USC football game. She was 27.A McGlinn Hall resident for all four of her years at Notre Dame, Hannah found a place in her dorm community right away.“Hannah was one of those people that you just got to know early on,” McGlinn rector Sr. Mary Lynch said.She was devoted to McGlinn’s Big Sister Little Sister program, where girls from St. Adalbert Catholic School in South Bend would spend Saturdays with hall residents.“It was our effort to help those little girls realize that [Notre Dame] not such an impossible reach for them,” Lynch said.Hannah would spend hours leading the girls in activities like baking or arts-and-crafts, Trivella said.“I just kind of remember her always running around trying to get stuff together for the girls coming,” Trivella said.Hannah was instrumental in strengthening the Big Sister Little Sister program, Lynch said. The program has continued most years since her graduation, with Fisher Hall hosting similar activities for St. Adalbert boys. For her dedication to Big Sister Little Sister, Hannah was given the 2014 Sr. Kathryn A. Haas Award, presented each year to a McGlinn senior who sets herself apart in service and leadership in the hall community.An art history major, Hannah also excelled academically. Her freshman year seminar professor, Robin Rhodes, remembers her turning in a particularly impressive first essay, though the assignment is usually a stumbling block for first-year students. “It was one of the very best papers I’ve gotten for a first paper in that seminar,” he said.She went on to earn a strong reputation across the department, Rhodes added.Hannah’s father, Paul Turgeon, said despite her academic success, she stayed deceptively humble.“She was famous for being stressed out and studying too much and thinking her papers were no good,” Paul Turgeon said. “Then she’d get all A’s, and they’d use her paper as an example.”After graduation, Hannah would eventually settle in Denver working as the executive assistant to entrepreneur and former Colorado state treasurer Brian Watson. In keeping with her love of the arts and passion for service, Hannah began her own handmade card company, “I’m Bringing Crafty Back,” in 2017. She sold over 200 cards since its debut on Etsy.In late 2018, “I’m Bringing Crafty Back” partnered with coffee and retail company Generous International to fund nonprofit work in developing communities around the world. Generous International will dedicate one of its new houses in Honduras to Hannah’s memory, Paul Turgeon said.Born Dec. 25, Hannah had a lifelong love of Christmas — earning her the family nickname “Hannah Claus,” Trivella said.“We always worried, ‘Boy, she could feel cheated because her birthday is Christmas,’ and so we would celebrate it for the entire month,” Paul Turgeon said.Naturally, Hannah was in her element during Christmas season at Notre Dame, Lynch said.“People were always happy when she was in their section, because when they did the Christmas decorations in the section, they could count on her to have some really good ideas,” she said.She was constantly thinking of others — always going the extra mile to make those around her feel loved, Trivella said.“She told everyone that she loved them or that they were a great friend or they were a great sister, a great dad,” she said. “And a lot of that was through the homemade cards that she would make. … Everyone has all those memories to keep and to read.”In Hannah’s memory, the Turgeon family began a scholarship fund for McGlinn students, students from Los Angeles and Denver and those who serve in South Bend schools. The family is accepting donations at https://giving.nd.eduTags: Hannah Turgeon, McGlinn Hall, St. Adalbertlast_img read more

LIRR President Resigns, MTA COO Takes Over

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Embattled Long Island Rail Road President Patrick Nowakowski resigned Friday and was replaced by MTA Chief Operating Officer Phil Eng, according to the transit agency. The news follows reports that the LIRR — the nation’s busiest commuter railroad — had its worst performance in 18 years in 2017. Nowakowski led the LIRR for four years.“I took a few days off to think about things,” Nowakowski said. “I’m pleased with the direction the railroad is headed under the Performance Improvement Plan, and I decided that now was a good time to step aside and allow new leadership to continue the progress we’ve begun to make on improving customer service.”Leaders of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the LIRR’s parent agency, praised Nowakowski and Eng.“I thank Pat for his service to LIRR customers and his steady and evenhanded leadership of the railroad at a time when external events caused challenges for the railroad, particularly Amtrak’s renewal of tracks and infrastructure at Penn Station that the entire LIRR depends on,” said MTA Chairman Joseph Lhota.“Phil has shown exceptional leadership and dedication during his time at the MTA, and I know he will bring his enthusiasm for developing a world-class transportation system to the LIRR,” Lhota said. “With 35 years of experience in the New York transportation sector, I couldn’t imagine anyone better suited for this position at this crucial time as we work toward creating a robust future for the commuter rail.”Eng’s appointment comes as the The Double Track Project, which will add a second track to the Ronkonkoma Branch between Ronkonkoma and Farmingdale, is slated for completion later this year. It also comes as work has begun on the LIRR Expansion Project, which will bring a third track to the Main Line between Floral Park and Hicksville, while crews continue to make progress on the East Side Access project. Eng will oversee the implementation of the Performance Improvement Plan (PIP), unveiled last month, which is aimed at improving service reliability, seasonal preparedness and customer communications.“My life’s work has centered on conceptualizing the best possible options to make transportation options more reliable, allowing commuters to get where they need to go safely and quickly,” Eng said. “I am honored to be chosen to lead the LIRR and its team of talented women and men as we work together to make the daily experience on the trains a better one. The transformational infrastructure projects that are underway, along with the implementation of the Performance Improvement Plan, will make a lasting impact on the region’s quality of life and economy.”The Long Island Rail Road Commuter Council (LIRRCC) said it hopes the new leadership can effectively address the many issues facing the LIRR and the service it provides to its riders.“Our council looks forward to working with the new leadership of the railroad to address the issues that impact service quality and the satisfaction of riders,” said LIRRCC Chair Mark Epstein.last_img read more

Optimizing on-site search

first_img 5SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr continue reading » Search engine optimization and your credit union website’s own search feature are more related than not, says Caroline Platkiewicz, marketing campaign manager for Silvercloud, Portsmouth, New Hampshire. “Credit unions should work toward optimizing on-site search capabilities to enhance their user experience, to deliver the answers members are looking for faster, easier and more accurately.”Platkiewicz shares these on-site search best practices:Make the search bar prominent. It should be a large, obvious and simple search bar or icon. Most often it is found in the top right navigation—users are conditioned to look for it there—but can be placed elsewhere if it is consistent and highly visible across the site.Craft useful titles for product and landing pages. Make them intuitive and as detailed as possible to match the search queries that would lead members to this result. For example, assume a member would search for how to do something, like “how to open a new account.” You would want to title the resulting page as closely related to the search query as possible, e.g., “Opening a new account at [CU name].”last_img read more

Goodtimer educational toy helps your child develop good habits » Gadget Flow

first_img– Advertisement – Goodtimer acts as a behavior chart reinvented for modern families. It encourages kids to do their best using positive reinforcement, tangible incentives, and family participation. An interactive and friendly clock-like companion that glows with soothing green lights and encouraging sounds, Goodtimer is a fun game where kids earn Good Time© when they make good choices. What’s Good Time? Unlike time-outs that punish bad behavior, Goodtimer encourages your kids when they follow your family’s house rules. With Goodtimer, it’s totally up to your family. Kids LOVE feeling celebrated for their accomplishments when they earn Goodtimer tokens they can save and exchange for fun incentives. And parents LOVE that their kids are finally listening without the need for nagging, yelling, and time-outs. Best of all, with Goodtimer’s patented approach and adjustable difficulty settings, it grows with your child, encouraging them to form healthy habits for years to come.last_img read more